I always look forward to the Holidays. This year because we’re needing to work around my sister’s inlaw schedules which fall over both Thanksgiving and Christmas, we got a jump start in the holidays. And what a time we’ve had 🙂

In a lot of ways, our weekend really spelled out Thanksgiving:

T for Turkey! Nate was in charge of smoking the turkey and I don’t know what all secret Cajun butter potions he added, but it was a success. The year I was born, the neighbors invited my dad over for Thanksgiving because mother and I were still in the hospital, and no turkey has equaled that one in my dads mind, until now. Great job, Nate 💪🏼

H for Harvest! Today was the end of Harvest ‘22. I can’t believe how little I contributed to this years efforts 🤔 but if you zoom in on the pic, you will notice my replacements being trained in. Grandfather bravely headed to the field with his 3 oldest grandsons and they spent a number of hours of quality time. So so thankful to have everything safety harvested.

A for Aunt! Can’t say enough how much I love this role.

N for Nate and Deb’s visit! This weekend was spent 100% with family and it was such a gift.

K for Kids! Em said that she spent the entire weekend either cuddling the babies or wrestling the wildcats and loving every minute of it. Agreed 100%

S for Sunday Lunch! My parents gave us a wooden extension table as a wedding gift and it arrived last week. Sunday, my family came to help break it in. As I set the table, I realized that other than the tablecloth, the entire setup was gifts from friends and family. Makes me a little teary eyed thinking about it.

G for Gifts! Julia definitely won the prize for the most originally wrapped gift for our family gift exchange.

I saiah’s Goldmine 😂 Earlier this month, Isaiah was helping me combine a field beside a ball park, and we halted harvest long enough to collect about a dozen softballs from the field. Best day ever.

V enison! Ben harvested a buck on his grandad’s farm. Em stuffed and smoked one of the loin for our family dinner and it was 👌🏼

I for Infants. Seriously, my heart can’t handle these two 💙💖

Nephews 💙💙💙 best of friends/worst of enemies. Terrific Twos is a delightful age- I can’t get enough.

G for Guns. A certain Aunt Em bought the boys rubber band guns for Christmas, and the rest of the weekend was marked by rubber bands sailing to and fro. Fortunately for those of us who are unarmed- the marksman are terrible aim at this point. On the pic above, someone suggested that they shoot the ducks in the picture, and everyone around suddenly felt like they were sitting ducks 😂

Thanksgiving the expression of gratitude, especially to God.

Weeks like this bring gratitude to the the forefront, where it should be always… Thank you, Jesus

Happy Thanksgiving!


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