Charcuterie Carry in Celebration

30 years ago today was a big day for me. My parents dropped Julia and I at Uncle Fred’s and we settled in for a stay.

I remember I kept busy out in their new chicken houses and doing whatever a 6 year old does whenever she’s visiting cousins until the call finally came: a girl “Emily Renee” was added to our household. What a gift she is!

We started celebrating early. Em got the idea to host a charcuterie carry in with family and friends. It was amazing!

Google gave me this explanation about the charcuterie rage: “The term “charcuterie” refers to the preparing of cured meats, like prosciutto, bacon, salami, etc., but these days when people say charcuterie, they are usually referring to a fun, meat and cheese board that typically includes cured meats, a variety of cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and dipping sauces”

A carry in goes a step further because the sky is the limit. Just bring a platter filled with something. And wow our guests delivered!

As I watched the beautiful and unique boards roll in the door- I thought “there’s no way we’ll eat all this” but the boards emptied surprisingly fast.

Everyone had gone to so much effort and it was so much fun to see the creativity!

A taco board, beautiful fruit platters, dessert boards, traditional charcuteries..

As I wandered down the table trying to soak up the 20+ boards before the crowd descended on them, I couldn’t help but imagine that this is is a small taste of what the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be like. Did you ever think about what food in Heaven will be? I’m wondering if mushroom soup and gourmet potatoes will be passed away, and we’ll feast on whole foods like we did Thursday eve. Delicious and beautiful.

Pinterest gives unlimited ideas and when I came across a charcuterie house, I couldn’t help myself. Admittedly the pepperonis gave me heart burn because they wanted to slide off the roof, but watching the delight of the children made the extra effort worth it.

We hosted the party at the church/school combo where Sherman’s worship and the twins were so excited to see us “at mine’s church!!!” When I pulled out the olive penguins for my house Isaiah won the quote of the day: “Never me see a bird at mine’s church! Get that bird out of mine’s church!” 😂 What a zealot! 😂❤️

After the food, we moved upstairs to another type of a smorgasbord. Emily has a bunch of musician friends and they entertained us well into the night.

What a unique fun evening!

Celebrating Em is just beginning though. For the last several months I’ve been plotting a treasure hunt for her. I’ll post more on that later, but for now, if you have any good ideas of ways to understand how your sisters brain works-I’m sure she’d appreciate it 😂

Here’s the birthday girl this morning, fresh off of a sleepless 24 hour shift at her fire and rescue job- discovering the hidden treasure in her old barn. One treasure down, a few more to go 😆💪🏼😂 More on this project later 😉

She’s the actual treasure. Happiest of birthdays, Em!

Luv you,


3 thoughts on “Charcuterie Carry in Celebration

  1. “at mine’s church!!!” I love it! My son who is about 2 months younger than the twins says “mine’s” too 😂

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