A few of things my nephews and I “yove”:

My nephews are quite the little conversationalists these days. I was on the phone with Deb and suddenly a new voice joined us “Hey Aun’ Ten what you doing’?” Zander talks well and remembers everything 🤯 but “K” and “L” trip him up occasionally.

“I’m on the way to walk chickens buddy, what’s up?”

“Are the chickens big or yiddle?”

At this point we had to repeat the question about 3 times until I figured out that Alexander was asking the size of the chicken and the conversation went on from there… “they are just medium sized.”

“Aun’ Em has yiddle chickens” he told me.

They’ve packed on a few pounds in the few weeks since you were here-but yes- they were little. 😂❤️

The twins hold their own quite well when it comes to conversations. There’s still a few sounds they haven’t conquered like “H” is mostly silent and “L”. “Yook! Yook at me, Aunt Ken, I’m right ‘ere!

Isaiah was quite impressed with the fish playground on stop #17 on Aunt Em’s treasure hunt. (Expect a blog on that eventually but the hunt is still ongoing- so 😅💪🏼)

Uriah rode with me in the cutter several days ago and he kept up a constant chatter. “Me wanna talk on the radio” he announced. “Me wanna say sometin’ to Papa” so I obliged and Ria announced to the entire crew: “ I yove Papa, I yove God, I yove Zaya, and I yove Jesus.”

“And I yove you” he assured me once the radio chatter had ceased.

I love that they are so verbal about what they love. In fact, I flat yove it.

I also yove crocs on the wrong feet of a little farm boy.

And that’s not all that I “yove”:

Grandfather couldn’t stand the thought of being without a dog for the first time since 1981, so he was very happy to welcome Dandy Snickerdoodle Gildersleeve to the family. We yove you, little mutt and ‘ope you grow to be a fine young hound.

This week the cold snap has the garden kind of shivering, but I’m super excited to watch it grow again this year. I still can’t fathom how excited my garden makes me 🙈 but I can’t help it- I just yove it.

Gideon is on the move recently. He seems to realize that his big brothers have a couple years head start and he’s trying his best to keep up.

Julia sent me this. Her house is so full of laughter. I yove that too.

And Miss Maria- we’re not to the stage of chatting about chickens on the phone- but she’s just a little honey- I yove her too.

And one more thing since this is turning into a life update- I really do enjoy the little random scenes I encounter with my travels. I guess these Amish children wanted to make sure their stick pony didn’t run away in their absence. 😂 I yove it when I’m feeling up to the long hours required with travel. Thank you, Jesus.

A few of the things that I yove, and definitely reasons to be thankful. What’s on your list?


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