Always Grateful

“I need to plant more green beans” I commented to Mother in early July.

“Actually, just take scissors and chop back the patch that’s done producing” she said “I cut mine at the first joint, and dusted and fertilized it good, and depending on the year, they’ll regrow and yield again.”

So I bravely chopped and chewed thru my greenbean patch. I felt bad. They were my friends. Eagerly I’d watched them grow and we’d collected bountifully off of their first fruits. The canning shelves in the basement spoke loudly of this.

But I hardened my heart and pruned away. Leaving a very sad looking state of affairs in my wake, I moved on to other aspects of my garden.

Last week, as I was doing garden inventory, I noticed my green beans. Closer inspection verified that I was asleep at the wheel, and had almost let my beans get ahead of me.

What a blessing those pruned green beans are! Regardless of the challenging season they experienced, they got right back to producing bountifully.

But the pruning season is hard.

I have not been the most gracious recently. The harvest crew hit the fields without me and my brain thinks I need to be putting the hammerdown, while my body cries for rest and my list of injustices is fairly lengthy.

Until in a God Moment, a friend gave me a “get well” bag of goodies, which contained a little plaque “always grateful.”

Suddenly I’m seeing how short I’ve fallen in the grateful department. Always Grateful? Not really 😬🥺

So I’m looking at life differently: I’m alive. Each day, I’m gaining ground. I’ve got a job with the flexibility to take off until I’m better (bless my husband and family for covering for me and making this possible.) The mailbox full of medical bills means that I received incredible care. We’re part of a sharing group that will help offset those costs. My freezer is full of meals thanks to the most caring community… Blessing upon blessings…

Why was I grouchy, again?

Even Walmart knew I needed a lesson in expressing gratefulness. I ordered a box of 50 thank you cards, and they shipped me 12 boxes by mistake.

Oh God, forgive me for resisting this season of pruning.

There’s so much to be thankful for.


Bonus Pics:

Em put an old canoe in her front flowerbed and it’s something to see!

I saw these pop bottle turtles on line and the boys were very impressed with this surprise. Also 2 year olds attempting to say “turtle” is my new favorite thing 😂❤️

Labor Day weekend brought the best company ❤️

If our family get-togethers could be summed up in one pic… 😂❤️

Miss Maria and Baby Gid… crazy what a 3 month age difference can look like 😂❤️

The 3 musketeers and the bearded uncles… and a snack of carrot sticks and chips leftover from a harvest lunch 😂 quality family time

A short visit, but very very sweet ❤️

Kendra Zinniaseed

The twins have their own way of communicating.

We sit down for a meal “Me prayer” says Isaiah “apple tree, pear tree”

At this point, Julia has to interpret. Somewhere along the line, the boys were with cousins who taught them the Johnny Appleseed prayer song. And they’ve wanted to sing it for every meal since.

I remember their mama being super fascinated by Johnny Appleseed as well, so you might say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree- lol.

John Chapman was born in 1774 in New England and became known as “Johnny Appleseed” after he took a canoe full of seeds that he’d picked up at a cider mill and headed west to sell them to settlers trying to tame western PA, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Ontario and West Virginia. He ended up doing more trading than selling, and often planted trees along the way, so that people coming later would have orchards already started.

Thanks GFA Federal Credit Union Blog for this pic

He wore a tin can hat, coffee-sack cloak, and no shoes. And was very proactive in reading scripture to whatever settlers he came across.

One song that he supposedly sang is the Swedenborgian hymn. And many sing the first verse before meals to as a prayer. (Especially when the twins are there.)

The Johnny Appleseed song

Oh, the Lord’s been good to me. And so I thank the Lord
For giving me the things I need:
The sun, the rain and the appleseed; Oh, the Lord’s been good to me.
Oh, and every seed I sow
Will grow into a tree.
And someday there’ll be apples there For everyone in the world to share. Oh, the Lord is good to me.
Oh, here I am ‘neath the blue, blue sky Doing as I please.
Singing with my feathered friends Humming with the bees.
I wake up every day,
As happy as can be,
Because I know that with His care My apple trees, they will still be there. The Lord’s been good to me.
I wake up every day
As happy as can be,
Because I know the Lord is there Watchin’ over all my friends and me The Lord is good to me.

I love zinnias. They give me all the cheery summertime feels. They’re perfect for a quick bouquet, they’re perfect in the garden. Everywhere they add just little more sunshine.

Last winter, when I was on a quest for a small favor for our wedding, I came across seed packets. Perfect for a March wedding. Aaaaand if I filled them myself, it wouldn’t break the bank. But what flower is the best option? It was a no brainer: zinnias 🥰

“Let Love Grow”

Since then, I’ve absolutely loved watching to see where these little beauties show up.

The row in my garden was partly started by Julia, and the rest were a gift from my 93 year old grandmother. The butterflies love them.

My aunt took me to her garden to show me hers. Perfection.

My sweet friend, Lucy sent me weekly snaps updating the zinnia progress.

The twins caught the bouquet bug and insisted they have multiple bouquets on their little work table.

But then last week, zinnia bouquets rolled in from all over. I received 5 of them to be exact. Ben’s Aunt handed me one “Let Love Grow” she said with a chuckle. If this wasn’t an example of Ecc 11:1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.

I have no plans of filling a canoe with zinnia seeds and heading west. I’m not going to start wearing a tin hat so that I can cook out of it if needs be, I’m definitely not going to go barefoot. But I do hope that my life scatters a zinnia fields worth of sunshine. 🙏🏼 If the past several weeks have reminded me of anything- it’s that I need to make today count- life really is fragile/uncertain.

Let Love Grow!

Kendra Zinniaseed

Bonus Pic:

My favorite kind of recovery support team.

Em found a pile of leatherback mushrooms in the mountain last week, so we spent some time making/canning mushroom soup at the recommendation of a friend. VERY excited about this project.

And last but not least- found this one from the Baby Gid Photoshoot and it melts my heart 💙

Gideon Swope 💙

Wednesday, August 17, was a beautiful morning. Admittedly my memories are a bit hazy because of the health crisis I detailed last post.

But my angel mother arrived on the scene to before 7, and spent the first part of the morning caring for me.

“I’m supposed to watch the twins at 11, because Julia has a doctors appointment or something.” she said “If we tell them that Aunt Ken is sick and they aren’t allowed to do the ‘flying squirrel’ on you, I think you’d be fine to come with me. It’s not a great idea for you to be home by yourself in this shape.”

*Side note- the “Flying Squirrel” is a move created by certain 2 year olds where you get on the couch and run; launching yourself horizontally into whichever unsuspecting victim is sitting closest. Line your launch up to where even if they don’t see you coming, they take most of the impact, leaving you to scamper off and prepare for another round. Apparently it’s a blast 🧐

So I was slowly, painfully making my way to the car, when Mother’s phone rang: I could only pick up snippets of the conversation, but I caught “Boy” instantly I was on high alert.

“We have a little boy, Gideon Swope Showalter.”

What a precious gift. 💙

Gideon means “great warrior.” Swope was my Pappy Reuben’s middle name, same as HIS Granddads. so it’s been a family name for generations.

I was trying to find a verse for my new little buddy and I found it- direct words that the Angel spoke to Gideon in Judges 6. “When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.”

Stand for truth, show mercy, live uprightly, and the Lord will be with you, and you will be mighty, Littlest bud 💙 I’m praying this for you.

As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, we headed out to meet him. The newborn stage is so precious.

So this is where I’m spending a lot of time resting; the best medicine.

Aunt Em came and we attempted to get a few pics before we blink twice and Mr Gid is running with the wild Indians…

Julia is such a beautiful boy mom 💙💙💙

Welcome to the family, Little Buddy. You are so loved 💙💙💙

Aunt Ken, again 🥰

In sickness and in Health…

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace, as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit

Today’s verse of the day was just the reminder I needed.

The truth is, I’ve been anticipating this week for a long time. I mean to be fair- I wasn’t sure that this week was going to be this week, but I’ve been preparing for it.

I cleared my schedule for the last part of August.

I tried to pump up the twins about it. “Isaiah, tell Ms Rachel what’s going to happen when Mama has her baby and you spend the night at Aunt Ken’s house, what are we going to eat for breakfast ?”

And Isaiah with huge blue eyes said “coooookies”

No buddy- PANCAKES!

Regardless- whenever- Aunt Ken was ready.

She thought.

Monday morning found me at my mom’s happily canning some sort of delicious jalapeños goodness that a friend highly recommended. The air was filled with spice. Mother would sneeze whenever she walked past to answer another of my 100 questions, but it didn’t seem to phase me. I got done in decent time. After lunch and the kitchen was returned to it’s former splendor- I noticed that my left lung was painful. Oh well, maybe I’d slipped a rib or something.

I headed home to check in on the chickens and my breath was really short by the time I got to the house. Strange. I called my favorite chiropractor and set up an early morning alignment.

Somewhere along the line I chatted on the phone with Ben and then with my dad and apparently Father hit the panic button. Because suddenly my phone was ringing off the hook.

Ben: You can’t breathe- I think we need to get you checked out.

Another call waiting Em- What’s going on? I think you should go to town.

Another call waiting Father- KP! Are you ok? I’m terribly worried about you.

Anyhow long story short, Mother was summoned and she arrived on the scene the same time as Ben squealed home on two wheels from trucking. The vote was unanimous that I needed to head for town. Ben even created an instant poem in his hour of great concern “Without breath, you can’t have life; and without life- I don’t have a wife!!”

So I went, grudgingly because all that was going to happen was a bunch of expensive tests and then they would send me back home. (I know, priorities 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️)

To cut out a bunch of unnecessary details, the doctor at Med Express wasn’t comfortable with what he was seeing, so we went to the Emergency Room (whether we needed to or not, I thought) and before too long, I was admitted to the Hospital with a medium sized pulmonary embolism aka blood clot.

We were so relieved to have answers.

The next morning, I was feeling okish. The doctor talked of discharging me and I was ready to leave-I thought. They gave me a prescription for blood thinner and sent me on my way. But as I went to leave I got up and realized how horrid I actually felt. Mother bravely loaded me up and we sailed for her house.

And thus began the next 30 hours of intense pain.

I’ll spare all the details of Ben patiently carrying my pillow palace from recliner to recliner at our house trying to find SOMEWHERE that I was comfortable enough to doze off…

Or the fact that I took 8 showers while in my mom’s care on Wednesday trying to ease the intense lung pain.

Finally Wednesday evening, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and Em’s friends at the local rescue squad came and loaded my miserable self up and drug what was left of me back to the ER.

Thanks Em for snapping this moment of Ben living out his “in sickness and in health” promise.

And that’s where I’ve been since. They added pneumonia and sepsis to my list of diagnoses. And I’ve been appreciating every single drop of meds they’ve sent my way.

Trying to see how high they can get my incentive spirometer… I haven’t gotten it to 500 yet… Ben made it to 3500 😏

Today, I think I’ve turned the corner. Hallelujah. There’s been a lot of Hero’s in my story- Ben for patiently and willingly staying with me. Em for using her medical expertise/connections to get me where I needed to be at the right time. My mom for juggling babysitting the twins and caring for her sick daughter. The rest of our families who’ve carried us as best they could in various ways.

So many people have let us know how much they are praying. They’ve sent flowers and food, and stopped by to visit. They’ve walked our chickens, and cleaned the Airbnb and we feel so humbled and loved and supported. This has been a journey and one that I’m afraid won’t go away as quickly as it arrived.

But verses like the one at the top of the post give me courage. “Filled with joy and peace… overflowing with hope, by the power of the Holy Spirit” I want that to be my testimony.

And I left out one small detail. Wednesday night the hospital was filled and overflowing and I couldn’t get a room upstairs so they kept me in the ER. Considering the shape I was in, I wasn’t very good at jokes. But I asked if they could just move me up to my sisters room and give us a family discount. Yep that’s right- there’s a new little Showalter that I’ll introduce you to as soon as I meet the baby myself 😉 so anyhow I guess Isaiah was right after all- if he stays with Aunt Ken probably the only that she could feed him for breakfast right now is cookies- that some sweet friend blessed her with.

Thankful for the gift of life and for such a supportive community.



Harmonia Sacra Sunday

As a child, I always remember that “Hamburg Sunday” meant that most of my friends would be missing from church.

“We went the year that you were a baby. It’s really hot there in August” my parents would say. And that’s where the conversation would end.

Our little town of Singers Glen is rich in musical history. Around 1835 Joseph Funk wrote and published a songbook called “Harmonia Sacra” Eventually he opened a printing press along Main Street and at some point the town went from being named “Mountain Valley” to “Singers Glen” because of his musical presence.

Anyhow this songbook uses shapes notes and four part harmony and has been sung out of ever since. Some of the songs are very familiar. Some are not. Some are incredibly encouraging and beautiful. Others are-well depressing- like the song with about 20 verses that describes in great detail how individuals react to the stream of death. A lot is screaming and plunging at the end of every verse until you get to the last verse “To me, O death! thou hast no dread; Savior I come! Spread, but Thine arms on yonder shore, I see, Ye waters, bear me o’er, There is my home.

So that’s a quick history on the songbook. My mom grew up singing and loving all parts of the culture/experience. My dad- a Pennsylvania native was unfamiliar with the songbook and every time the book is brought out, no less than 2 hours of warbling ensues, and his tolerance/appreciation of the art is not quite as high.

And their daughters fall somewhere in between their parents on love for Harmonia Sacra Singings.

Which brings us to the “Mauck’s Meeting House” part of the story. Built in the mid 1770s, this little church in the tiny town of Hamburg, holds a Harmonia Sacra singing every first Sunday in August.

Somehow I’m always on the road this weekend, but not this year. So it was a great chance to scratch “singing at Hamburg” off the bucket list when someone requested my van driving services.

Our group arrived at the church grounds in plenty of time, so I helped myself to a tour. This church was built with actually slave quarters upstairs. And a very sketchy chimney setup.

The best part of the entire day was my enthusiastic singing partner. I love her.

As expected, the service lasted for 2 hours. As the temperature climbed, my singing zeal waned. But I hung on valiantly until the potluck lunch in the shade.

Beautiful, heartfelt worship; rich history; good food; friendly people- what more could you wish for on a 95° August day?

Hallelujah, Amen


Something to Taco ‘Bout

My sisters and I send each other food ideas almost daily. The percentage of recipes that we actually end up trying is surprisingly few-but that doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm for sharing them.

A year ago, one of us found a pic of the nacho table. Basically the entire table was covered with a huge taco salad. Yum!

I knew I wanted to try this, but I spun out trying to figure out how to not waste a half of a table full of nachos.

Ben’s family had their annual lake trip and we each were in charge of different meals. So I decided it was time to give the taco table a whirl.

Taco ‘bout fun!

We brought a cheap disposable tablecloth and everyone built their nachos right on the table.

Tortilla Wraps
Dorito and white corn chips
Meat mixture from Hope’s Table Cookbook
Cheese sauce
Corn salsa
Sour cream
Ranch Dressing

We definitely gave it a run for the money 😅

My family has always usually been on board with my random ideas and as I watched my in laws digging into their nachos with gusto- I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed to have gained a whole new family that’s not afraid of an off-the-wall Kendra situation. ❤️ Family is the best.

It definitely won’t be another year, before I host a taco table again 🙂

Have a spec-taco-ler day,


Bonus Pics:

Ben found an jon boat that needed some tlc. He spent a lot of hours adding a floor, storage compartment, new seats etc. This past week was its maiden voyage under a new captain. The beginning of many voyages- I hope 🥰

And while the boat was out- Em joined us over on the Shenandoah River.

Ben had mentioned in passing that sometime he wanted a tailgate charcoal grill, so when his yardsaling obsessed wife happened across the dream grill for $2, she made the huge purchase.

Honestly how have I lived successfully without one of these in my world?

Not the most peaceful mountain lunch spot ever but it was easy to get to, and man the food was tops 😂

… I thank Thee too that all our joy is touched with pain…

Have you ever been struggling to find the right words to express how you’re feeling, and suddenly a song pops into your mind that says everything perfectly? That happened to me last week:

My God, I thank thee, who hast made
The earth so bright;
So full of splendor and of joy,
Beauty and light;
So many glorious things are here,
Noble and right.

The garden is producing! Admittedly I can’t believe that I’m successful growing/harvesting/preserving food and absolutely loving it. My family probably all rolls their eyes when they receive ANOTHER garden update from KR- but I can’t help myself 🙈 also my $1 gathering basket from a July 4 yardsale is another item on my excited list.

I thank thee, Lord, that thou hast made
Joy to abound;
So many gentle thoughts and deeds
Circling us round,
That in the darkest spot of earth
Some love is found.

A lot of days I can hardly believe my current life. Blessings upon blessings upon blessings.

I thank thee, too, that all our joy
Is touched with pain
That shadows fall on brightest hours,
That thorns remain;
So that earth’s bliss may be our guide,
And not our chain.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Wow I’m convicted.

This verse is actually why I’ve been singing this song. My health has really hit a rough spot recently again. Ah, ulcerative colitis-the unwelcome guest. I won’t bother with a pic of all the pill bottles lined up on my kitchen windowsill… Hopefully we’re turning the corner, but I’m reminded again of how urgent it is to be thankful for the good days and how important the rough days are to drive me back to my loving Heavenly Father. Also, bless Ben for being so patient with me. Apparently I’m slightly needy when I’m not feeling great 😬🙈😂

I thank thee, Lord, that here our souls,
Though amply blest,
Can never find, although they seek,
A perfect rest,
Nor ever shall, until they lean
On Jesus’ breast.

We just finished wheat harvest and what a year it was! Record yields and record price. But at the same time, my aunt forwarded me an email from a lady in Ukraine who wrote about the beautiful wheat fields; the lack of fuel to harvest and haul; the destruction of ports for exports; and the hidden land mines in those innocent looking fields. My heart breaks for those innocent people.

Joy, difficult things, the quest for peace… I’m guessing your current life might look a little different from mine, and yet these are the underlying tones of everyday of the human experience.

Looking forward to that day of Perfection with Jesus! Stay focused, friends ❤️


Bonus Pics:

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying cooking from the garden-next year I think I’ll only plant one zucchini and one squash 😂

The twins approved of my $1 July 4th yardsale find for them too- a shovel and a rake. We were heading to the field and Uriah came carrying his “tools”. Thankfully they weren’t needed 😂

And finally- I’m in Lancaster on a van run this weekend and we visited the art studio of a man who was born without the use of his hands. This was one of the many masterpieces that he painted using his mouth. That in the darkest spot on earth, some love is found.

I scream, You scream, We all scream for… 🍦🍨🍧

A number of very sweet friends and family gifted us with cash over our wedding, and we’ve been very intentional about using it.

Part of it went into a landscaping project around the house. (A “Boone Proof” landscaping project that’s still underway a.k.a. no pictures)

Some of it went into Ben’s “Trump sized fence” around the garden. Other than one very bad Boone who skinnied himself under the fence and destroyed all the mulching I’d done (😭🧐) so far it’s successfully kept the garden free from hungry varmints.

The garden shortly after it’s borders were secured.

But we still had some cash left in the kitty.

“What if we’d buy an ice cream freezer? Everybody loves ice cream.” I had visions of summer evenings at Glen Oaks, friends leisurely savoring homemade ice cream around a campfire…

Ben is not one to stand in the way of homemade ice cream, so I immediately started researching to figure out what the best ice cream maker is and where to buy it.

Apparently the traditional White Mountain Freezers are no more and there’s a new company thats insulated poly tub has everyone raving. “But be prepared to spend $600” cautioned the Bagger.


So I went to PA with a Brinks truck hoping to find a bargain.

But alas, not only did I not find a bargain- I received the sad new that the Immergood shipping container got damaged at sea or something and there was none to be found in the land.

After much research which resulted in many reports (after all it will be half Ben’s investment too), I finally asked my long suffering husband if he was ready for me to panic about something else. (You can guess what he said.)

So I let the quest drop for awhile.

The lovely people of Singers Glen randomly will post “FREE” signs beside whatever junk they want rid of and imagine my delight when yesterday’s discovery was nothing other than a WalMart ice cream freezer still in the box.

I rushed to Mothers and stood with bated breath while we plugged it in. It actually ran! A little rough-but maybe that’s how the lesser brands sound 🤷🏻‍♀️ “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” I reminded me.

We picked black raspberries at my sister-in-laws and so it didn’t take long to throw together a batch of custard, retrieve the ice and salt and stand by for magic. Black Raspberry ice cream.

We filled the canister and added a handful of ice. Aaaaaand:

Long story short, here I am with my freebie motor in pieces, while Mother’s faithful White Mountain takes over the project. 😭

Mine ran for about a half of a second.

There’s probably a lot of wisdom in “never looking a gift horse in the mouth.” But I opened his mouth up wide and unfortunately, I didn’t see any ice cream.

Oh well, y’all can still come visit- but the ice cream’s going to have to come from the store. 😂

Thankful that the gifts our Heavenly Father gives so freely last longer than a half of a second ❤️


Bonus Pics:

“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” 💙💙

Aunt Em gave the boys hats for their half birthday. Uriah put his on and headed out. “Where are you going?” Julia asked

“The stock sale” he replied confidently 😂🤠

Our favorite Dr Miller is retiring. He’s been our vet since we started dairying in ‘99. Mother always brought food to the barn on herdcheck day, so it was super special to be included on his last herdcheck lunch. I haven’t been involved with the dairy for 8 years now 🤯 but his patient kindness to us girls as we learned to run a dairy will be long remembered.

And lastly- if you ever want a bunch of animated stories- ask Em about noodling. It’s hard for me to imagine great joy in the art of going underwater to stick your arm into a catfish box; said catfish biting the intruder with all its might and then arm wrestling the fish to the surface long enough to get a measurement and a few pics.

But the way her eyes sparkle when she talks-there must be. And I do looooove her fried catfish poboy sandwiches.

Anyhow, she had a trip lined up, but thru a bunch of random reasons, everyone that was scheduled to go with her couldn’t make it.

So my sweet dad- who doesn’t fish, and doesn’t swim, rose to the challenge and spent most of the day on the water with her and her guide.

And now if you ask him about noodling, his eyes sparkle and his stories are almost as animated as Em’s are ❤️ I love them

My Maria

June 2 found me thrift shopping in Southern PA with a group of ladies.

I love browsing the multitude of little Mennonite consignment shops in the area, but this time I was in a predicament- everywhere I went I found the cutest little girl dresses. But who needs little girl dresses 🤷🏻‍♀️

Eventually I just couldn’t resist when two little dresses hopped into my shopping cart. Oh well, somebody will need them.

I was back home dropping off my passengers when my phone rang. It was Deborah

“Kendra! We have a little girl. Maria Joy”

And this is the part of the story that we’ll skip because nobody wants to read about Aunt Ken’s tears of joy.

Nate’s mom is Rose Marie and Mother’s name is obviously Joyce so Miss M’s name is a cute nod to both Grandma’s.

Deb and Maria in look-a-likes whipped out by Aunt Jul.

Mother and Em headed south the middle of last week, and at long last, Father and I left to join them. (Bless Ben for covering things on the home front)

Our visit was chock full of quality time. We browsed We Cares Thrift Store (notice the crocs on the wrong feet by the independent toddler)

We spent some time at a gigantic blueberry patch. Miss M wasn’t much help, but Grammy thought it was possibly the most fun she’d ever had.

Alexander kept us in stitches the entire visit. I loved watching his little brain work. The dishwasher needed replaced, so it got taken outside en route to the dumpster and next thing I knew Alexander shot past driving one of the racks. 😂

The lawnmower is the most exciting thing on his radar. So when he had the option of a ride with Grandfather, he grabbed his headphones and was out the door.

Headphones, alligator shirt, and “cheeeeese” photobombing his sisters Photoshoot.. The past few days went way too fast.

Maria means “beloved”

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
Jude 1:20-21

Praying this for you. Love you, baby girl

Aunt Ken


If I were to sum up the month of May in one word- it would definitely be “amazing.”

1. a·maz·ing /əˈmāziNG/ adjective causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.

2. Zing /ziNG/ verb -move rapidly, making a high-pitched ringing or whining noise.

May is probably the most beautiful month- the blue skies, clear and warm without much humidity. We haven’t had many of those this year- the temp can’t seem to find the middle ground between 90° and 55°. But it’s still beautiful. We’ve started to enjoy the fruits of our garden. I always helped Mother with her garden project, but with being in and out like my schedule tends to be, I wasn’t very reliable. Anyhow I can’t believe that we’ve successfully planted and God gave the increase already 🤩It’s literally astonishing. (I know I’m still in the honeymoon stage of life- but this is just amazing.)

And alas, May has gone zinging past, in a hurry.

I’ve been on the road some. I took a group of ladies to Shippensburg shopping, Lurgan Greenhouses is a must see.

Ben took me trucking with him 🥰 He hauls soybeans to the Port of Richmond. That was definitely an educational experience. Our grain got put directly into a container and then loaded for export.

My dad and I tag teamed on a trip to a Lancaster wedding. They filled the bus and still had enough passengers to need my van.

We had a blast roaming over Lancaster County during our wait time- going from doughnut shop to doughnut shop. I’d heard that Sunnyside Pastries’ filled doughnuts were equal to/better than Shady Maples- so we went to see for ourselves. Try them if you get the chance. I don’t think you can lose with either place. And for sure you won’t lose any weight 😂

We met with friends for a picnic lunch and explored several different businesses before it was time to head south.

This is what happens if you don’t clean your gutters 😂 Country Lane Succulents is another must see.

This week our little town has suffered a great loss. The owner of our favorite country store lost a battle to cancer. Mr Mark and his wife Kris were the unofficial welcoming committee to Singers Glen. They saved the day a number of times with their delicious sandwiches.

I hate how often we wait til after a death to realize how much someone made a difference in our world. Mr Mark wouldn’t believe how sad we all are. Prayers for the family.

And lastly, the twins spent a good part of yesterday, riding with Father and I. Just when they were about ready to be done with helping, the Farmer’s Wife brought a surprise or “prise” as Isaiah kept exclaiming over and over. (A Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace set.) Suddenly both boys wanted to ride with me and I felt like I was hosting a sewing circle 😂 Thanks Myrna for the thoughtful gift ❤️

Yes May has zinged past, but in its wake it leaves a lot of memories that I’ll treasure for a long time. These days are amazing.

Thank you Jesus,