Created Specifically by God

Hello from the northwest!

The last few days has found us roaming through California.

Southern CA is so beautiful and the early morning foggy temp was half the degrees we‘d endured the day before.

Central CA was filled a wide range of produce, vineyards, orchards, row crops, dairies, etc. our eyes feasted for miles and miles.

Covid the Cow found a pine cone at Sequoia National Park from one of the giants. We made her leave it there, after taking a few pics with it.

Covid the virus robbed us of a visit to Yosemite. But since this is the first thing we haven’t been able to do (other than eating inside) we moved on without complaining.

Further north we hit the coast again and watched the sun slip out of sight over the horizon.

This morning we went exploring while the tide was out and I think all of us expanded our knowledge on sea creatures.

Crater Lake was another very beautiful stop. Em pulled up the random fact that there are 4.6 trillion gallon of water in this lake. This stop is always a highlight.

The last couple of days- everywhere I go I’m seeing unique vegetation in a specific unique climate:

The saguaro cacti of AZ grows off of 4 inches of rain a year and waits to grow their first “arm” until they are 100 🌵

The massive Sequoia trees (pictured with Covid) are over 270 feet tall and 2200 years old.

A starfish has no brains, no blood, and can live to be 35 years old…

Over and over and over, I see God specifically creating and ordaining specific plants and animals to flourish in a variety of environments.

And it got me thinking.

Are you ever tempted to feel like an odd man out- like no one understands you and you really don’t belong? I think if we are all honest we allow ourselves times of doubt. “Why am I here?” “Nobody cares. I don’t belong”

I’ve been pondering this a lot recently and I wonder if this is a lie that Satan whispers to believers to isolate us from our Christian brother and sisters and to rob us of joy.

And the recent intense nature study I’ve been doing convinced me of this even more. God makes no mistakes when He orchestrates details, players, and timelines.

If you are where God has led you, don’t fall prey to second guessing where you find yourself or wishing yourself somewhere else. You are valued. You are needed. As God’s Chosen- you are equipped.

Reach out, open up, and allow the unique beauty of what God’s doing with your story to touch those around you.



Bonus Pic:

This is one of those hidden pictures in a picture games. Can you find 4 saddles, 3 shovels heads, 2 singletrees in this pic? 😂

“I will pour water on a thirsty ground”

Excerpts from Isaiah 44 in my daily reading came alive to me this week:

“This is what the Lord says—he who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you: Do not be afraid, my servant… For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground. I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams…”

We’ve spent the last several days in intense desert. We ran through some cloud bursts, and a few dust storms.

Stopped at the Texas Cattle Exchange in Eastland and watched the cowboys expertly moving cows. (The children in my group are so excited to see REAL cowboys) The one rancher we talked to said that the native land there supports 1 cow/ 4 acres.

Totally amazed by the amount of action on the oil fields. The temporary housing reminded me of the shanty towns from the gold rush days.

Survived the trek to El Paso and fertile fields along the Rio Grande were a feast to our eyes. The overlook at Cristo Rey provided spectacular views of the city as well as the her Mexican sister city, Juarez.

“Mom, what are we gonna do at Terrified?” The 8 year old in our group was unsure of what to expect at the Petrified Forest 🙈😂 Covid the Cow was pretty unsure of her visit too 🙈

We were privileged to spend the night at the Rim of the Grand Canyon. The sunset there speaks to my heart and calls me to Worship. P.S My sister Em is an angel.

And today God’s provisions in a dry land continued as we traveled thru desert that averages 4 in of rain/year and the van’s thermometer read a high of 126°…

We burst out of cacti land into intense agricultural time after time. I love seeing people loving their land and farming it well. Followed the trucks about 17 miles to a huge dairy operation.

And lastly, random gem from today was discovering the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park… 19 brave men lost their lives here when the fire they were fighting changed directions with no warning…

So this evening, as I look back over the adventures from the last 3000 miles, these promises again just wash over my heart “Do not be afraid, I will pour water on a thirsty ground.”

Let it rain.

See ya down the trail,

The Masked Mesdames- Ken and Em