Deborah and Nathan

Today was the most gorgeous sort of day. A beautiful Saturday in May where the sky was blue and sun bright, and the Valley was simply gorgeous. And then the clouds moved in and raindrops fell.

Today was the most gorgeous sort of day. My beautiful little sister quite enamored by her prince glowed as she made her way to the church. This is so right- we all smiled as we watched them. And yet this is my little sister, and let’s be fair and admit, as she walked up the aisle a few teardrops fell.

Today was the most gorgeous sort of day. The beautiful representation of family, and friends, and good food, and the faithfulness of God warmed my heart. Gaining family is reason to celebrate.

My darling little Deb all grown up. Thanks for including me in your day! Take good care of her, Mr Kennell 🙂

Luv y’all,



My dad’s poetry shows up sporadically. Usually it arrives during harvest when he wants to harass his Claas chopping comrades. But today it presented itself as Rolo’s feelings on the event:

Hello my name is Rolo Adriana Rohrer,

I am the one who owned Deborah’s heart back before.

When she left that day in 2015-

The events that unfolded I could not have foreseen!

The fact that she was gone a little over two years

Ended up being the least of my fears!

When I first heard the rumor of some Kennell she caught,

I thought they were discussing my pen she had bought.

But then she came in with those blue eyes that day,

“What’s wrong with my brown eyes I barked in dismay?”

I saw the rest of the family was glad-

Was I the only one who is sad?

And the way I was treated when he was around

You’d think I was just some old mutt from the pound!

I called to her attention how much money I’ve made,

She said that’s how the honeymoon would be paid.

So as I lay here at home on this cold concrete floor,

My poor heart is broken like never before.

Tada! The big day is here, and gone again. We all survived. Thanks for all of you who sent your love- it was completely a gorgeous day.

Just as it was in the Days of Noah

I watched as the mountains behind our farm disappeared behind yet another rain cloud. “Today I have one verse on my mind” I announced to no one in particular “Just as it was in the days of Noah”

Mother looked up from Wedding List # 32,417 and said ” because the rest of that verse talks about people marrying and giving in marriage?”

Ummm no- I was referring to rain upon rain upon rain… This week has been something- so many gorgeous rain showers. With all of our field work done, we have enjoyed the slower pace!

The entire world is such a lush green, I can’t help but be enamored.

Thoroughly enjoying the beauty of this rainy, wedding season,

(ok who am I kidding- I won’t be sorry to reach the end of all those lists 😜, but still🙈)