Farewell Photoshoot

Once upon a time there were 3 little cousins. A chocolate, a vanilla, and a strawberry.

And even though their mamas were sisters and best of friends-the boys didn’t really look alike. Except for their blue eyes-but those didn’t come from mama’s side of the family.

They loved going over the river and through the woods to visit Grandfather and Grammy.

Grandfather had the wildest games he’d play-like “man over the moon”-which was kinda scary until you were big enough to at least hold your head. But so much fun after you figured out that you’d actually survive.

But then something changed from just all being fun and games. (Isaiah isn’t too sure what to think about it)

The reality is life is full of change-but this one is gonna take some getting used to. (Uriah looks on in disbelief)

Sweet Baby A- all confidently optimistic… God asked his fam to move away for a season, to share His love with another community… and they are going.

Isaiah, his mouthful of crackers, and his enthusiastic hugs 😂

So we are soaking up all the hugs we can for a few days yet. 🥰

“Close together or far apart, you’re forever in my heart.”

Go with God-Nate, Deb, and my little Zanderman ❤️

I love you,


Bonus Pics:

All of the pics from this post are by the talented Molly Suzanne. I’d bought a half hour photography session at a benefit auction and we had in mind a grandparent photo shoot before Alexander moved away. She did such a great job and captured everyone with ease (we even had extra time for pics with the ground crew-Deb and I) totally recommend.

Boone’s First Day of School 🐶 #Dogtales

Dear Reader- by way of clarification: There’s a new kid in town! Em’s dog Riv had a litter of pups and the Ben friend ended up with Boone and the Kennell’s adopted Ricochet. They are the most adorable yellow blurs of energy you’ve ever seen. But that’s enough of a spoiler alert. Until next time~KH

Dear Diary,

Today was the bestest day everrrrrr.

Dad got up early and opened my pen and told me to be a good boy as he headed out for a big day of trucking.

I did the usual-went out and peeled around the yard, watched the clouds float by, sniffed a few fence posts and then started in on my morning nap routine.

That was interrupted by Riv and Ricochet rocketing in the lane barking commands at Aunt Ken and her pickup to “go faster, go faster”

Before I knew it, I was loaded and heading for my very first day of school.

Me, looking all scholarly and stuff

I didn’t know what to expect, but when you go visit family-you’re going to see people you’re related to. So wouldn’t going to visit school mean seeing students?

Well I sure saw piles of them. They had taken over the entire pond and were fishing away. Occasionally Mr Kennell would have to go help with getting a fish off the line-so I’d go too. As fast as my little legs could take me.

We played some really cool games like a scavenger hunt where you needed to bring something soft, something rough, a piece of bark, a ladybug… (wait how many times have I heard-“stop buggin the lady!” Wouldn’t that make me a lady-bug?!) C’mon team- here I am-the answer to everything you’re looking for- just carry me to the finish line..

They played a 3 legged race thing that we dogs thought was really insensitive . Especially Detroit because he walks on 3 legs most of the time since his toe injury. But they hooted and laughed and hopped along- so I guess it was great fun.

We ate good food (well they did and we dogs were left to sniff out whatever we could find ). Way to soon it was time to go home.

I really liked that school thing.

Detroit says now that I’m educated, maybe I should consider helping with the reports from ranch security. But I don’t know, I think I’m better at this classroom stuff like giving out fishing instructions.

Yours until the cows come home, (without us having to give them a strong piece of bark)

Master Boone Rohrer M.D. [Main Dog]

Bonus Pics:

The twins came to watch the festivities with Alexander. They all agree that if school is hot dogs and fishing- count them in too.

Reuben Reuben I’ve Been Thinking #TabletoField

“I could eat a Reuben sandwich every day” -Sherman

Not everyone shares Sherms sentiment on this one (in fact Jul can hardly handle making these) but thankfully the harvest crew tends to be fairly open minded when it comes to food, so these have been showing up at the field more frequently.

We don’t always get warm sandwiches delivered to the job-but it certainly is a treat when it happens.

My mom’s sandwich typically follows the traditional Reuben idea: corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut (rinsed and heated on the stove) and thousand island dressing on rye bread and toasted to perfection.

The benevolent wife pulls out Sherms recipe and follows it. I have no idea where that recipe is from other than the A+ cookbook. I’m pretty sure Sherm didn’t create it himself, but I’ve been surprised before. Either way-it’s delicious.

And so healthy-ignore how much butter you’re using and just think about all the benefits from adding sauerkraut into your meal. 😂 Follow me for more diet plans. Haha

“Reuben, Reuben, I’ve been thinking what a sad world this would be. If [your sandwiches] were all transported, far beyond the Northern Sea…“

I never am quite sure how that song goes-is it a “sad world” or a “glad world?” Maybe it depends on which side of the sauerkraut argument you’re on.



Bonus Pics:

Because these little fellows are too precious these days:

Sweet Baby A so proud of himself sitting in his own little rocking chair.

There’s a carrot top who can barely walk
With a sippy cup of milk
A little blue eyed blonde with shoes on wrong
‘Cause he likes to dress himself…
Yeah one view I love the most
Is Jul’s front porch looking in

-Lonestar (with slight editing)

God Be With You Til We Meat Again 🥩

It’s official-Deb and Nate and sweet Baby A are moving to Alabama for a time of service with We Care Prison Ministry.

Spare moments are spent helping them prepare for the big moving day and just being together.

Last night was a very special evening.

Men from church put piles of time into a BBQ contest as a farewell for them. The variety and originality of the cooks was impressive. It was an amazing feast.

Trophies were given for appearance, flavor, and tenderness.

I felt like I got a trophy just by being included on the fun.

Children are so unpredictable- of all the places to enjoy a meat fest-why would you chose a doghouse? And the poor dog-if this wasn’t an example of “thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”😂

Such a gorgeous memorable evening.

Another highlight was celebrating the ending of soft pretzel month by meeting at the Farmers Market with special out-of-town guests. Nate’s mom flew in to see them before they move and his sister came along as a surprise.

This season is a whirlwind and I’m trying so hard to steel my heart for what’s coming, while still embracing today. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the brotherhood rally and support the Kennell’s as they follow God’s leading on their life. But change is never easy. I keep thinking about the lyrics from the Gaither’s “We Have This Moment Today”

We have this moment to hold in our hands
And to touch as it slips
Through our fingers like sand
Yesterday’s gone
And tomorrow may never come
But we have this moment today



Bonus Pic:

And if I needed any more reminders about how briefly today’s moment lasts… Uncle Leon pulled out this gem and invited the Rhodes Family back to the cabin for round 2:


And finally-another rainbow/harvest pic because I can’t help myself