Lessons on Trust through Unexpected Open Doors

I stood in the middle of the room- my heart nearly exploding with praise. This was my room-perfect for me. It was the best size-Housekeeping was a breeze. Sunshine danced across the floor and played on the walls, illuminating the fact that this room was even my favorite color. And the wall art reminded me again and again how well God was caring for me- scenes of a lazy river and number of geese framed the walls. P. Graham Dunn’s carefully selected scripture reminded me of the journey of faith and the lessons learned before my path led me to this room. Yes! Hallelujah! This is right for me.

But suddenly in the middle of my praise session, a door opens and quite clearly the path for me leaves my favorite room behind. I stand on the threshold wavering in the moment.

But only for a moment. It happens quickly- and I’m back in the hallway staring at all the doors ahead of me. Waiting on the One with the Master Key to open the one that’s best for me. I am not very good at waiting.

There are lessons the hallway teaches me that can’t be learned elsewhere, but it’s a tough place to be.

Waiting, praying, trusting. And honestly worrying too often in between. I thought I learned deep lessons in faith/trust the last time my career met a crossroads. That was 5 years ago. Clearly I can benefit from this refresher course.

Praise to our Almighty God who opens and closes doors at the best time; who knows the future as well as the past; who is patient with me when I’m slow to trust His plan; and who brings random people to buy land even when it wasn’t for sale .

May you feel His presence guiding you in your hallway too.

Have Faith in God,


Bonus Pic:

Because snow days need some humor… this Pennsylvania snowman made me laugh

Guatemala- the land of eternal spring

“It’s so dry and dusty here” I stared out over the brown terrain around me and let my heart soak in the blue skies and sunshine.

The last 10 days found me enjoying dry season in Guatemala with every ounce of me. The reports of the continuation of rainy season along the east coast made me smile and bask a little more. Guatemala was lovely. Dry, brown, deliciously warm, and lovely.

I was privileged to join a group from MD and PA for a work week with Mennonite Air Missions. (Here we are, in all our glory at a train museum. Apparently Guatemala’s rail system completely closed in 2007, but they have a nice museum remembering when. FYI- I only know when it closed because I googled it once I found WiFi- a museum in another language isn’t but so informative. Lol)

Most of the week we spent out at “The Farm”. MAM is holding the Central American Pastors Meetings this year, and were adding some facilities.

The guys slaved away mixing concrete by hand, putting in drop ceilings, adding electric to the projects…

And we ladies attempted to throw together a few meals, and caught a bit of leisure time (only occasionally😝) in the hammock. The Farm’s residents were busy with corn harvest- here they are husking the ears before the corn is shelled and used for tortillas.

If you look closely you’ll see an ear flying through the air, as the Farmer works diligently at sunset…

Have I mentioned how much I love learning about agricultural practices in different cultures?

This friendly Farmer was chopping hay for his horse. (Cousin Merv’s wife Deb’s Spanish was such a blessing on our adventures)

On Sunday, we attended a cottage meeting for the farmer who lived here. He talked and laughed and we noted that he only had one tooth. They brought out juice, coke, and Guatemalan bread for a treat after the service. I wondered why the locals waited until after we ate, to get their food; then I realized that there were only 5 cups on the property. It got a little awkward when they served the coke after the juice and bread and there were unmistakably bread floaties in Deb’s cup from the previous person’s treat. 🙈

This super rocky ground had been cleared by hand, one piece at a time. I marveled as I imagined the work that had gone into the property.

And the most noteworthy sight along the way- well one of them 😝:

A cabless Gleaner running small grain. I couldn’t believe that the buddyseat was occupied even in all the dust-but there they were rolling thru the field.

And a few more of my favorite sights include:

Guatemala City and piñatas as big as the store owner. (For my next birthday I’m thinking I want the lifesize cow piñata full of chocolate, please)

We caught a chicken bus (which was a complete story in itself) to beautiful Antigua and spent the day exploring. Walking and walking and walking. We put on somewhere between 6.5-8.5 miles- me and all my souvenirs trudging along with the group. 😅 So much culture, so much beauty.

I’m so amazed by how many of the Indian people still wear their traditional dress. Their outfits with all the handwork are so elaborate.

I noticed Christy on our bus traveling from the City, and was surprised to find her drawing in Central Park. Her work was amazing, and I was happy to buy a card from her-so inspiring!

And the guard dog. Seconds after I snapped this pic, it’s lips curled back and all I saw were fangs as it shot along the wall in quest of some gringa blood. My heart still stops, remembering. I beat a hasty retreat, and all’s well that ends well- but that was close.

Random roadside stands… the church people heading home after Sunday’s service…

The Volcano Fuego puffing away in the distance…

And that pretty much sums up my latest escapade. Huge thank you to our group for a pile of good laughs and a wonderful week!

But mostly thankful that there is no language barriers with God and that He knows exactly how to bless me with a downpour of adventure/ change in perspective when I need it most. 💞 Let it rain.

Dios le Bendiga, [God bless]


Ice Roses 🌹

By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast. Job 37:10

I’m pretty sure the ice this week was a special gift from Heaven straight to me…

And if that wasn’t enough, God took the time to etch roses all over the pond. Dozens of them all over the ice.

And sprinkled a few snowflakes on top…

With the special delivery of flowers came the reminder of the promise- if God takes the time for all these details, how much more does He care for you and me?

So blessed,