My Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? Wow- I sure do.. I don’t keep an actual list written on paper- but there is a running tally in my mind.. 🙂

What is a Bucket List? The first time I heard about such a thing- a local writer ran a continual article in our local paper.. 30 things she wanted to do before her 30th birthday.. She was really spunky.. Skydiving, milking a cow, running a chainsaw, etc.. Some things on her to do list- I was amazed.. She really wanted to date.. So I read with amusement her readers efforts to help her.. Anyhow..

I looked up the definition. The word first showed up in 2006. It means a list of things one wants to accomplish before they “kick the bucket”.

My friend Lora and her sisters took several horse and buggies down to Bridgewater Retirement Community and were offering rides. An old lady came bustling through the crowd and said ” A buggy ride is on my bucket list, and I don’t have long..” Another lady overheard and said “No she doesn’t!”

One thing that’s been on my list for a long time is Deep Sea Fishing.. I had the opportunity to enjoy that almost 3 weeks ago (Sorry, I haven’t had time to blog..:/ ) What a beautiful day! We sat out in the bay-rolling with the waves.. Catching fish after fish.. I do not pretend to be a fisherman. I have no experience whatsoever.. It was great.. There’s nothing like the sun and that ocean breeze… In fact it was such a positive experience that I’m thinking I’m going to put “deep sea fishing” back on my list.. 🙂 Maybe I’m “hooked”..


So basically my bucket list is another word for wish list. It mainly involves travel- I’m afraid.. To see the Northern Lights dancing so brilliantly that I can feel them.. Eat Lobster in New England.. Visit Key West.. And Africa.. Obviously it’s up to God the course of my life- if I will ever have opportunity to give some time- in Asia.. Haiti.. I’m glad He knows! And I’m excited that His plans are far more exotic than what I can dream up..

So when I come to the end.. I’m sure it will not matter what my experiences have been.. But I hope, if I have a chance to look back- that I can say that I enjoyed it to the fullest of my capabilities.. Whether “It” is eating rice in a hut somewhere-or feeding cows- or hanging up laundry.. 🙂

What’s on your list? I hope you have a chance to tell me sometime.. Blessings on your day -Kendra

Bonus Pics:


Tis the season of travel.. Spent the day at Mt Vernon.. A fun day


We took a water taxi up the Potomac River to Washington’s home. There was an osprey in a nest beside where we boarded.. With a 3 week old. It was so neat to watch her fly in with fish for her little one..


Spent most of my week Missouri. We stopped in Mansfield at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead. Interesting to tour the place. Missouri wildflowers are amazing. I enjoyed the pink wild roses and the coneflowers along the road.


Stopped twice at Lake of the Ozarks. A beautiful place with 1300 miles of shore line.


Visited this farmer as he was heading to plant corn. They are really wet out there. I was fascinated by the mud puddles along the road. They were FULL of little green frogs. One of the men on my load got out and walked up to the puddles causing frogs to go everywhere. Much to the amusement of the children.. And their van driver 🙂 And saw my first armadillo.. So.. Scratch that one off of my bucket list..

A Tribute to a Virtuous Woman

In a lot of ways, we lost her years ago.. Now that it’s all over-I keep having flashbacks.. Little things.. Like her writing down whatever it was that she wanted to remember and making sure she had the facts straight.. That ancient tape recorder that she had us sing all our program songs in to and whatever other new songs we were singing at the time.. Her endless supply from the freezer- Klondike bars, cookies, and meals ( We always laughed at how she would bake the turkey for Christmas several weeks ahead of time).. She loved to feed people.. The train that would run past her house and whistle- my earliest memories include her running up the hill with us to see it.. Numerous nights spent at her house-sleeping on the livingroom floor and the lights from traffic going past shining in on the wall.. ( And when we’d get too rowdy- she’d come out and jump our case. Because she always removed her dentures during the night- we thought it was hilarious.. Little brats) Her busy hands- crocheting countless items- dolls, dishcloths, blankets; look alike dresses for my sisters and I.. And coverings- Mother and I each still have a stash and it’s been years since she quit making them.. She and Granddaddy reminiscing about the past- he picking on her about cheating off of her brother so she could pass 5th grade, her smiling as she remembered all her boyfriends from EMC days.. What a world ago..


My dear Grandmother, Mary Louise Horst went home to her reward last Saturday.. She’d been in a nursing home for years.. Totally confused most of the time. She’d been close to departure for awhile. Wednesday, Father and Deborah left for the Southland on tour with the Shenandoah Valley Chorus, and everyone assured him she was somewhat stable. Thursday morn, she took a turn, so Emily and Mother ran up the road to be with her.. Their time was special- she had times when she’d focus and at one point was able to carry on somewhat of a conversation over the phone with Father..  She continued to linger.. Saturday I had a trip to New Oxford, Pa, and there was room in the van, so Mother again rode along.. I dropped her off and my vanload graciously allowed me to run in, kiss her forehead and whisper ” Good-bye”.. And an hour later- with her 3 daughters, and Mother representing our family- she slipped into eternity..

My good-bye to her seemed appropriate.. I wonder how many times, I stopped by her place over the years.. Because of where they lived right along 81, we would stop, breeze in for a few moments and hit the road, with a hug and an “I love you”… Grandmother loved unconditionally…

But what challenges me the most from Grandmother’s life was something we discovered after we divided up her belongs when she moved from her home.. Notebook after notebook of prayers.. It does something to you to see your name on a page all by its self with different prayers.. different dates.. Each family member had it’s own page.. A true prayer warrior..

She was not well to do- but she was always giving.. She was not an incredible intellect- yet she and studied and read.. She was a busy lady- but always had time to play a game with the grandchildren or read and read and read.. She was not perfect, yet she had a heart full of gold.. She didn’t give years of service on the foreign field, or start any huge ministries- yet she gave her life in service- to whatever was in front of her.. Gave her life in service to others.. A tremendous ministry of encouragement..

Good-bye, Dear Grandmother.. Your life challenges me in so many ways.. My prayer is that when I come to the end of life’s journey- that someone will be able to look at me- as I am at you- and see that I’ve lived my life-loving, giving and serving.. I love you

Bonus pic:


In  the midst of everything, we’ve been putting up a grain bin.. County Line Construction did the concrete work for us..


Then this past week 2 crews from PA rolled in and put up the bin.. Their boss is a 26 year old man who was paralyzed in a water slide injury last year.. Super nice guys who are trying to run a business for this guy and make a living themselves.. We were once again on kitchen duty.. To the virtuous women who sent food this week- you have no idea how much it helped out.. Really not sure what we would have done.. Bless you exceedingly!

May days

To our friends scattered to and fro,

Hello once again from Paradise Lane. This has been a good week. We are in the middle of a really warm spell. Mother keeps threatening to turn on the AC and Father keeps saying “Tomorrow will be cooler..”  Today “Tomorrow finally arrived”.. We are hoping to get a little rain out of this new front- we sure could use it. But God knows that..

About the only complaint I have with living at the foot of the mountain like we do, is.. We always miss the sunsets. So whenever I’m out and about and actually get to see the sunset- I usually comment and comment- about enough to drive whoevers with me to tears.. But seriously- I’m pretty sure I have a sunset deficiency.. I love to try to photograph what I see. I hope you can overlook my pitiful efforts, as well as the inferior quality of the camera enough to attempt to picture the beautiful sky I  was attempting to capture..


The sun is setting of Greystone Farms.. Their cows were not sure what to think of me 🙂

And we took an evening off and went with a group up to Skyline Drive and hiked Bear Fence Mountain. Highly recommended. We learned the definition of ” Rock Scramble”. So be warned- Some agility is required. And some bug spray would have been nice too. Mother claims to have discovered all kinds of exotic flowers.. I wonder if she made up the names.. Have you ever heard of “heluaboris?” ( Not sure if that’s the way she planned to spell it or not;)..) The only downer of the experience was that Emily’s schedule didn’t allow her to join us.. Next time Em?

DSCF4390 DSCF4400

Yesterday was the beautiful picture perfect June wedding day for my cousin Susan.. Very nice ceremony.. and the food was far out delicious! I stayed and helped wash dishes with a very efficient group of ladies, and somehow managed to be at the right place at the right time, because Aunt Donna kindly sent home one of their beautiful bouquets with me. So I happily made up this big story about catching the bridal bouquet and asked my sisters what that meant, etc.. Never once thinking that I needed to finish the tale.. So now you know Deb.. Sorry for not clarifying right away.. 🙂 You didn’t miss the bouquet toss in your rapid departure to cover chores.. And quite confident this ol gal won’t be the next one walking up the aisle-lol


A very hearty Congrats to Susan and Denver.. Wishing you a love as beautiful as the day you said “I do..” Blessings to you!


And this final pic speaks for itself.. Detroit thinks it’s high time I post about him again.. Here he is fearlessly sounding out the snake alert warning.. Rolo very obviously had something else in mind.. Silly ol dogs..

That’s about it.. Our Sunday School lesson was on James 1 and I’m just challenged all over to not just be a hearer of the Word, but a doer.. To completely apply what I hear to me, and then to reach out to the hurting around me.. Wow, Looks like I’m going to have a busy week!!  Blessings to you,   Kendra