Our Family

Hi- I’m Kendra, the rambling writer of this “blog smog” (lovingly nicknamed by my family) I’m suddenly an only child as the rest of my sisters spread their wings and enjoy a variety of adventures.

I love to travel. My gypsy tendency is well cared for by my part time job as long distance vandriver for the horse and buggy people in our area.

I  also spend a far amount of time involved with our family farm. We are crop farmers and also do some custom farming.


Meet the rest of Horst family:

We grew up on a dairy farm at the foot of Paradise Mtn in VA… and even though my parents and I aren’t on the dairy anymore, we managed to live on a farm just a bit north at the foot of the same beloved “Paradise Mountain”


Eldon and Joyce: the parents whose interests range from trucks to quilts.. (And guess whose interest is who’s -lol)


And my sisters:

Julia married Sherman. They run the home dairy (and their German Shepherd thought she needed to be included in the family photo)

Emily married Kerry. KJ is a roofer by trade and Em leads a life of variety. She’s involved with the dairy, the crop farming and volunteers day and night with our local Fire and Rescue

Deborah- the baby of the family (she loves this title), recently completed a two year term of service in Leon, Nicaragua. We missed her a lot, but are so thankful that God has given her this opportunity to share His Love in another part of the world. I’m loving having her back home as my fellow adventurer! She’s also responsible for the blue eyed Coloradian on the family pic 🙂 Mr Nathan

The most important thing about our family is that we love the Lord and are excited to see how He is directing our lives…

Thanks for stopping by and joining us as we embrace the journey.. Sometimes with humor, sometimes pensively..

Because of Grace…

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