The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

In keeping with the “oldest child” syndrome, I have a list of happenings I fear while I’m on the road. (Yes, an actual list- I can’t help it)

Some of them conjure up a mental picture that makes me smile. Example- I fear that someday as I’m rapidly dropping off shoppers after an exhausting 21+ hr Lancaster shopping extravaganza, someone will place their pile of purchases behind the van and I will back over them leaving a pile of rubble as I hurry on to the next stop.

Or I fear trying to change a tire along 81 during a similarly excruciating day. (Imagine 14 ladies, countless packages and Shady Maple cream filled doughnuts, me and a flat tire in the dark of night.) There’s not a lot humorous about that one.

Wednesday I was scheduled to drive right into the heart of the beautiful snowstorm in Southern PA, so I spent most of the night before checking the storm’s progress. Travel looked rather grim, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when the trip was canceled 30 mins before I walked out the door.

Friday was a much lovelier day to travel, so we tried again. We were successfully within sight of our appointment, when the driver’s front tire started making a funny thumping noise. As my passengers got out, I investigated it, only to decide that it must’ve been something on the road.

I had some wait time- so I ran right across the road to a Chick-a-fila, thumping tire and all πŸ€”. Again, I did a bit of research and this time discovered a fairly sizable screw imbedded into my tire. My visions of grilled chicken nuggets were immediately put on hold, as I phoned up my patient Father, who in turn got me contact info for a tire service place right down the road.

Within less than 30 mins, I was back at Chick-a-fila- rejoicing over my repaired tire. I had waffle fries in hand, and had time to eat my lunch before my people were ready to venture onward.

So what’s the point to my little tale? Simple that God provides. Ashamedly I spend way to many miles worrying. And when it comes down to it- my Heavenly Father orchestrates the events of my life so perfectly- I couldn’t have planned a more efficient tire issue if I’d needed to. Lol

I hope you feel that in your world too.

Trust Him- He provides.


Bonus Pics:

Since I wasn’t floundering through the snow to PA Wednesday, I had time to enjoy it with some of my favorites 😍 Wasn’t it gorgeous? I’m ok with warmer temps any time now πŸ€—


I noticed it as soon as I got home from a recent shopping trip to PA- our house sounded like it was preparing for take off. πŸ›«

Apparently something had changed with the furnace and it created such a clatter we were a little skeptical whether it was wise to keep it churning away until the repair man arrived.

But since March has decided to reintroduce winter to the Valley-we kept it roaring away.

The next morning, bright and early the repair man arrived. “Hmm” he said “there’s a bearing out in the fan causing the racket. Also this open flame here is a problem, see the direction it’s blowing? That means it’s allowing gas to escape. Actually you should be concerned about Carbon Monoxide.”

So, we are limping along as best we can until the new system is secured.

Just out of curiosity, I googled symptoms of chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Basically my picture came up. It says that these symptoms are often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, and GI issues. (Thank you for wading through one more post on my health saga πŸ€”)

Hmmm, the thought of being poisoned never sounded so exciting. πŸ™ˆ

I’m scared to believe that this is the missing puzzle piece, but it could be.

I was thinking how ironic it is that we’ve pursued all the symptoms and tried so many options, only to continue to be back where we started from.

And how crazy to think that we over thought everything EXCEPT the furnace monster spitting gas outside my bedroom door. πŸ€”

Often, I see life teaching me in allegory form. I could go all kinds of directions with this one…

But I’ll spare you πŸ™‚

I’m thankful that my Heavenly Father is the sustainer of Life and He protected our family once again.

But I think I will sleep with my window open tonight.



Bonus pics:

See? I was serious when I said March is single handedly reintroducing Winter. πŸ€”