Christmas Memories Galore… Care to Share? :)

To our friends scattered to and fro,

I love Christmas time! I was trying to put into words what it is, that makes this time of year have a magic all of its own… But I can’t. It’s a time of love and laughter shared by people we care about. It’s a time of hustle and bustle trying to get all those details under control whether it’s shopping, baking, or that stack of mail… It’s a time of hurry and scurry as we rush from one event to the next- caroling, Christmas plays and programs… Eyes wide and dancing, cheeks flushed with excitement… It’s Christmas!!!! and I love it!

And it’s a time of making memories that last forever. I’ve only experienced 28 Christmases, yet I’ve got a pile of memories stored up. Things that affect my impression of Christmas. I bet you do too… So this year, I’d like to post a form of a Christmas Blog-post Scrapbook.. You hear a lot about me and I KNOW that you’ve got some wisdom to add here too… Sooo.. Send me an email at under the subject line “Christmas memories” and share anything- stories, poems, even pics, whatever is on your heart…  I need to hear from you for this to be a successful endeavor.. 🙂 What’s on your heart… Oh, and sign it with the name you wish to appear on my post… Deadline Dec 20..:)

And just to get your mind rolling… “I love the opportunity to sing carols during this time of year. I think it is really special that we are welcomed into homes around the community to share about the birth of Our Savior! There’s a lot of caroling experiences that come to mind- like riding on the back of a straight truck (that had high sides and was used to haul cattle) through town and all of us standing up and waving and shouting good tidings at surprised pedestrians as we rattled along.. Anyhow our family used to go caroling with the neighbors and we stopped at the house of a widow who lives on Dry River and she said “I was trying to sing ‘Glory be to God’ today, but it just doesn’t go very good,by myself…”  {this is a beautiful song, but all four parts jump in here and there.. } So, the obvious thing to do was sing it. As my memory goes, the men of our group had already dismissed themselves… Because somehow Emily at the tender age of 9, fired up the bass and away the song went…”Glory be to God and on earth, peace, good will to men…” It didn’t matter if it was or wasn’t the most beautiful, perfectly sung rendition ever… The message stays the same..”

Excited to hear from you!!!

Merry Christmas,


Bonus Pics:

more job description pics from our diverse dogs.. 🙂


D for Detective



E for Eco-friendly Washcloths



F for First Mate


G for Golf Caddy


H for Horticulturist



4 thoughts on “Christmas Memories Galore… Care to Share? :)

  1. I guess at the top of my list of Christmas’s I remember is the one where I had to go to work. I had a car then that did not like the rain. It was raining that morning and I went through a water puddle too fast. At the end of the lane the car stopped. I walked to a neighbor who was awake wrapping gifts. I was taking cookies to work to share and with all the excitement the cookies broke. The cleaning lady had told me earlier I owe her a cookie for everytime I stepped on her wet floors. That morning she got them. I was not feeling very cheery when I got to work but the more I said “Merry Christmas” the happier I felt.

  2. I didn’t want to be the first to comment, but I remember when we were young, a bus load of us would go 45 minutes to Yarrowsburg and stand outside in the snow to sing, then come home and go to Mercersburg Academy for the 12 o’clock chimes. The people we were with made it fun!

  3. I remember my mother could never wait till Christmas morning for us to open our gifts. So when school vacation started we’d open our Christmas presents. We’d tease my mother about that when we were older. We always had church on Christmas morning. Martha Ann’s post reminded me of the Christmas that my friend Debbie Showalter’s family invited me to go to Florida with them on Christmas. I had never been off the farm, so it was very exciting! I got home from caroling and the chimes and packed to leave for Florida Christmas morning. We rode in the pull behind camper. Camped in Sun and Fun camp ground. Made good memories.

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