The Plight of Sarita

Dear Sarita, (name changed to protect the innocent)


Sweet, little, dark-eyed child, You’re on my heart tonight. I guess we technically haven’t met. You sat on my sister’s lap and stared at the computer while we were face timing and I could understand with my limited Spanish that she was explaining to you that I was her sister and that we had a dog. But you were silent.

She told me your story though… Life is so not fair and you remind me of that. Born to a single mom, so poor you didn’t have any food and barely any clothes. Born HIV positive and if that isn’t enough- being tongue-tied to where you can’t talk. Ah little one- why would God allow such hard things? What is your future? Will you ever have a best friend that you can share secrets with? That you can giggle and just be silly girly self? Will you go to school and learn to read and discover a world beyond what you know? Will you give your life to Christ and allow your situation to teach you a compassion that challenges others? Will you be given a chance to live life at all, or will you be released from these hard circumstances while still in your innocence? But if time allows- with the handicap of not being able to speak- What future is there?


And then she told me something else- that generous friends had given her money and that she was hoping to check into your medical needs and the possibility of freeing you- to where you could make the words roll off your tongue instead of coming out in a blob… I hope your little sister makes you as proud as mine does me… I wonder  how much this procedure would cost? This gift of a more normal existence… And I pray for wisdom for those around you- that if it’s right- that you can get help…


Oh, Darling- God does make a way- there is hope. Your silent face on the other side of the screen is one in millions and millions of hurting people. I know that God has a plan for you- just as He does for all of us. And that He will bring it to pass…

Sweet dreams, Dear innocent child- May you feel His loving arms tonight- Kendra

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