Around the World: Day 6-Kenya’s Culture Summary in Acrostic Form

Carolyn Rodes is in Kenya teaching school and enjoying life there. She made an acrostic out of the word CULTURE and pulled in a lot of things that is part of her world now. I’m especially curious about the omena dish… those little fish eyes make me wonder if I’m hungry or not.. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Caroline and blessings on your time there!


Compound living; Close neighborsā€¦Chickens in churchā€¦
Chai (tea) and Chapatis (greasy tortillas)ā€¦
Corrupt government; dishonestyā€¦
Carrying large loads on your headā€¦

Unusual food~omena (small minnows), uji (similar to porridge)ā€¦
Undernourished and unclothed children in the slumsā€¦
Undesirable drunks whom you come in contact withā€¦
Unpleasant odors from unwashed bodiesā€¦


Living in Luo Landā€¦
Learning the Luo Languageā€¦
Letting the natives teach you their way of thinkingā€¦
Lovable children with beaming smilesā€¦
Lack of punctualityā€¦

Tuk tuks and piki pikisā€¦
Trying to accept the challenges that come when the power goes off (AGAIN) and your cake is in the middle of baking, you are trying to finish your laundry, or, or, or, orā€¦
Taking TIME to visit the nativesā€¦
Thrilling adventures on the roadā€¦
Torrential downpours during rainy seasonā€¦

Unique sights as you travelā€¦
Ugali and sikumu wikiā€¦
Unspoken superstitionsā€¦
Using different currencyā€¦


Realizing that different methods are not always wrongā€¦
Rough roads with LOTS of potholesā€¦
Ridiculous driving habitsā€¦
Recognizing many souls who are in need of a Redeemerā€¦


Enjoying the gorgeous flowers and all the beautiful scenery in Kenyaā€¦
Eating with your fingersā€¦
Establishing friendships with the native peopleā€¦
Expectations are changed; world perspective is alteredā€¦

-Carolyn Rodes

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