Around the World: Day 11-Nicaraguan Birthday Party

So finally, I’m posting a write up from the lady who inspired this entire series… My little sister, Deborah is in Nicaragua for 2 years, with Olive Branch. You’ll find more of her adventures on Thanks for taking us to this party, Deb! 🙂 Love you!

Walk with me? I’m on my way down to the 6th street here in San Carlos! My little friend, Carmen, is turning 4 this month and her mom is having a big party tonight! I am sure they won’t mind if you tag along! We walk along the road, up to where 6th street is off to the side, a little dirt trail. I would not suggest bringing a vehicle down in here…plus its just a short walk! See all the chairs set up in the street up there? Here we are! When we get there, we are greeted with the usual handshake and kiss, and are directed to chairs. We are here about 15 minutes after the invitation said the party would start, but there are only a few other people here. The hostess of the party has not gotten ready yet, and they are still setting up the piñata and sound system.

As the time goes on, more people roll in, they get the LOUD music rolling, and eventually bring out the food. We are served a sandwich with some kind of mayonnaise mixture in it. I heard rumors of chicken in it, but could only taste onion in mine, but it was edible! Coke is mandatory at any party, and later they bring around little bags of popcorn and little bags with candy in them.

The piñata is a riot. When it was the younger children’s turn, they just spin them in as many circles as they are old, and let them hit it like that. But the older children get blindfolded, and as they are swinging at the piñata, someone is pulling at the string that goes from the piñata, up over a pulley, and down to whoever can pull it so that the piñata is not so easy to break.

 The first piñata is a success, a brightly colored ball with cones sticking off the sides to make it look like a star.
 When they bring out the second piñata is when my eyes grow big! The second piñata is literally bigger then the child! The grin on little Carmen’s face as she stands beside it is just precious!

 All the children gather around to take a picture with the piñata before they string it up. It starts to rain and we all try to stand under the porch to keep dry, but there is not room for everyone.

 The little dirt floor house has one room empty that they invite us into, but there are no lights, so most of the people just stay outside. The sound system is covered with a tarp, and a man is sitting under it, I’m not sure how he plans to keep it dry if the tarp doesn’t work, but I guess he can at least keep an eye on the situation!

 As it gets later, people start to leave, but first we take a group picture of everyone. Thank you so much for coming with me to get a small glimpse of the Nicaraguan way to celebrate a birthday! (Since it was just a little four-year-old, they didn’t do the traditional way of smashing an egg in her hair and pouring powder over it…that’s a whole different story in itself!) Next time you are in the area, maybe we can go to a “vela” (Nicaraguan wake/funeral).Blessings, Deborah

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