Quick Photo Tour of Canada

I don’t know if you’ve noticed- but my posts follow a definite pattern: travel, harvest, travel, harvest…

Wheat harvest was a wonderful flurry of busy days, late nights, grain trucks, and wheat dust. And in typical form- I was looking in my rearview mirror as the dust settled and the little soybeans popped out of the ground in beautiful green rows.

I jumped out of the combine, grabbed my passport and spent the last 13 days touring the Northland. So here goes: a quick photo tour of my favorites from Canada 🇨🇦

Reportedly the water levels at the Great Lakes are feet above normal. The green waters RUSHED over Niagara Falls and it was something to see.

Totally enamored by the little carts at the end of everybody’s lanes where you could buy anything from firewood to butter tarts to fresh cut bouquets.

Enjoyed watching a wide range of farming activities:

Pretty impressed with the goat dairy- not even kidding 😆

Saw more lakes and trees than you could possibly count. Even took a kayak out to chase a loon.

Stayed up late enough to watch the sunset.

Watched a polar bear swim after his moose rib breakfast.

Got a new understanding of the Canada Shield ( super hard rock outcroppings all over the northern part of Canada- pictures directly behind the cattle)

Even made up a few lame jokes- Did you know that in Massey, ON they occasionally write the town name on the side of their tractors? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

But most outstanding were the acres and acres of Lupine we saw in the ditches along the way.

I love the reminder that if God tends the flowers along the way- how MUCH more does He care for you and me?

And that, my friends, is a 90 second tour of Canada minus summer sausage and Tim Hortons coffee. Added bonus of no mosquitoes or black flies.

Be Blessed, eh?


3 thoughts on “Quick Photo Tour of Canada

  1. Also minus poutine, and bears in the garden. But at least you showed our great northern lakes and not just Niagara! 🙂
    -obviously a Canuck

  2. Stunningly beautiful! You have a good eye through the lens. And it’s always fun to take a little “tour” with you! 😊

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