A Season Of Joy

To our friends scattered to and fro,

Winter has descended on the Valley leaving the mountains wrapped in an icy blanket. The forecast promises more to come between now and Christmas. 🥶

The smoke curling out of our little ice castle is a new look for Glen Oaks and makes me the happiest queen in the world. I know it’s extra dirty, but a wood stove is such a warm heat.

This is a Christmas season unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had several van runs scheduled, but each one has gotten cancelled at the last minute so I’m savoring random, impulsive candy making days with the family…

…Decorating my house… I didn’t think I was going to do much, but slowly I’m adding things and it’s so much fun! I was FaceTiming Deb and Maria was VERY interested in the wreath that Julia gave me 😂🥰

… Last minute baby sitting opportunities… (whoever said “there’s always room for one more” never tried to sew with twins) Grammy and I enjoyed a day with the Showalter sons.

…visits with family…

… Social Events… The leaders of our small group hosted an “ugly sweater” party. I safety pinned cheap tinsel from the Dollar Tree onto a sweater I already had 😂

And then there’s Emily 😂 She ordered a musical push button and duck taped it to the back of her sweatshirt. “My outfit is more of a theme” she said. And once the children figured out to push the big red button on her back to make it sing- the rest of the evening was to the tune of “ Grandma got run over by a reindeer”

…s’more calories… I found this recipe on line for S’more Puppy Chow and let’s just say that all the diet plans are off for now 😂 you can find the recipe to join the sugar rush Here

…gifts giving… (My kitchen is smiling with the snowflake potholder crocheted by my Aunt Janet.)

Or not. I absolutely love giving gifts. Typically I spend a lot of time waiting at stores this time of year and as a result I can find excuses to buy gifts a mile high. But this year- several of our family Christmases are over and Ben and I agreed we’d spent enough money on ourselves this year. So the gift buying has ceased.

I was lamenting to Deborah about this and I said “there’s just no joy In Christmas.” She promptly had a fit causing my brain to listen to what my mouth was saying. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who talks without thinking) But I’ve been thinking ever since.

It’s easy to go into autopilot this time of year. I love it all- the family gatherings, alllll the homemade candy, the Christmas mail, the special services…

But it’s good for me to have a completely different December to step back remember exactly what is the Reason for this Season.

2000+ years ago, in the middle of a flurry of people traveling to their hometowns, a very significant Baby was born. I’m so thankful that Christ came to earth as the Promised Messiah; that He lived here and died here; that He rose again and offers us the gift of eternal life. 🤯 And that’s what we celebrate- not finding the perfect gift or the perfect recipe. I needed this reminder.

So if you need me- I’ll probably be sitting by the woodstove inhaling s’more puppy chow and reflecting on THE BEST GIFT we could ever be given.

He’s where the JOY is!


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