Sweet Home Alabama

Last week was great.

Baby Gid, Julia, Em and I hopped in a car and sailed south.

Gideon was a trooper who rode more contentedly than some of the rest of us (I won’t mention any names)

And 12 hours later, we rolled into Atmore, Alabama.

Nate had a Thrift Store Conference, so he was out of town for most of our stay. I’m guessing he was a little relieved to miss his sister in laws taking over the house.

Immediately upon arrival, Alexander took over the entertaining. Here he’s offering me a motorcycle ride to Pensacola. I could ride “right here” in front of him and he promised to drive slow lol how could I refuse?

Gideon and Maria became fast friends and had their aunts swooning at their adorable little conversations.

Even though the Sunny South didn’t charm us with its warmth this round, we did adventure a little. Em’s birthday treasure hunt led us to the Gator Boardwalk in Spanish Fort.

It was too cold to see any gators, but we found a treasure box, and we spotted some pretty cute kids.

We found more treasure at the Hiding Tree at Blakey Historic State Park

The History was pretty interesting. They fought one of the last major battles of the Civil War here hours after General Lee had surrendered in Appomattox. Supposedly Confederate Soldiers hid in this tree after the Fort fell.

The hanging tree was another somber scene from yesteryear.

Exploring the swampland was a definite highlight.

And here’s a pic of all of us to prove the trip actually happened.

For years, I’ve admired a local family and their ability to win at the long distance game. The Oren Heatwole family lives in a number of different states, but they manage to get together for a week every year as a sewing retreat. They’ve figured out how to thrive.

Having family out of town is tough. There’s no way to sugar coat this reality. But I’ve thought about the Heatwole’s and am inspired by their example. Maybe once a year, my sisters and I need to prioritize a getaway.

But atleast for this year, there was no sewing involved-just lots of baby snuggles. But what a treat that was.

“Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends.” And for this fact, I’m grateful.


Bonus Pic:

Every year at the School Fundraiser, a local man donates coupons for his famous Chicago style deep dish pizza. It was such a treat to get in on the feast that Deb and Nate had purchased.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Where’s the photo of you on Alexander’s scooter?? I hear what you’re saying about making it a priority to get together with family. Once a wise woman told me that she and her sisters did this annually, in spite of distance and difficulty. She said, “If we don’t make the effort, and make it a priority, it won’t happen.” That stuck with me. Then, she lost her youngest sister and I thought about how thankful they must all have felt to not have left it for quieter years, some time in the future.

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