The Era of the Black Mack

When He first came around, He was a recently retired mail carrier.. He went right to work, hauling grain for a guy who was working for us.. He was great a truck. A CH 613 Mack, who became known as the “One Stack Mack”.. A solid truck, yet the 5 speed transmission created a bit of a challenge.. Over time, He found a home here on Paradise Lane and experienced a makeover.. Added a silage bed, a chrome bumper, and twin 6in stacks. That was when He and I really became friends. I will never forget my maiden voyage.. Me and “The Mutt” as I named him. Father’s instructions stayed in the forefront of my brain.. “No matter what, Kendra, that chrome bumper is your responsibility..” The first harvest was quite memorable.. Trying to keep up with all the other guys.. Chatter on the CB, that amazing air horn, happy times.. Eventually due to the onset of back issues- The Mutt became one of the few silage trucks around to sport a leather Legacy seat.. And in more recent years, grew a few more gears-to a 9 speed..


Somehow I always get my heart involved. I remember years ago, I loved our 362 Pete. I was sure it was the best truck in the world, and was as convinced as an 8 yr old could be. We were heading to Maryland to a family gathering, and we met one of our driver’s southbound with my friend, and Father commented offhandedly, that he was trading her in. I cried. I couldn’t understand his reasoning.. Definately a cabover was much superior to a conventional truck.. I was devestated.. For weeks.. But Father knows best.. 🙂 I can understanding that more with a few more years added to my perspective..


And so that’s where I am again, Father says that the time to sell is when somebody is willing to buy, and so it’s time for us to part.. We haven’t been as close recently, I’ll admit.. But whenever I happen to walk past him, we smile at each other.. And I remember.. How that incredible Jake Brake shattering the silence would make both of us smile.. How we’d both blush when I’d miss another gear.. ( There only were 5, Kendra, not that many to choose from.. 🙂 )


Good-bye, my friend.. ‘May the road rise up to meet you, the sun be always at your back..’ I know your new family will take good care of you.. -Kendra

P.S From the Editor: It’s only a truck, Kendra.. -your rapidly graying Mother

Bonus pics:


The boyfriend’s birthday is this week, which merited a bit of a joyride 🙂


Nightfall after a gorgeous day..

4 thoughts on “The Era of the Black Mack

  1. Jennalee can sympathize with you…. She loves our CH613 and doesn’t want to see it go but Dad says it’s time to find a replacement. I really think that when she sees the new truck she’ll quickly forget about the old one. I think part of the CH’s sentimental value is that it was John’s truck and somehow since he’s passed away, I even feel a tug at my heart to think of getting rid of “his” truck. Have a great evening.

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