Lesson in Trust

Four little bolts with a nut on each end.. It’s a simple thing. I didn’t even notice the ones on my last van.. But as always, when I’m away on the far shore, it seems, I struggle.. These bolts are seemingly insignificant.. But are very important! You see, they bolt the receiver hitches to the frame of my van and hold my luggage box securely in place. A luggage box is an awesome invention.. We have enjoyed many a shopping trip knowing that we have PLENTY of space to carry our purchases..

So I’d been noticing that my box was, indeed, moving. I mentioned it to my mechanic (aka my Father) who attempted to calm my fears from 2,000 miles away.. “It’ll be ok, Kendra, We’ll deal with it when we get home..”

Well, the first stop outside of our Canyon trek, It was very obvious something was wrong. My aching muscles protested as I slid under Coppertone to have a look. One of the bolts was missing. Funny that the nut was laying there. A man in a Freightliner dealership truck stopped immediately and asked if we needed help. I sure did, so he directed down the road to the place of business owned by his parents, and said “Oh, and tell them to bill Larry..” What an angel. Within 30 mins, we were on our way rejoicing..

But as I drove along, I watched the box in my mirror.. Was that extra movement? I became very concerned.. So we stopped and I again called my mechanic.. I’m not sure why I’m admitting all this to you, dear reader, but please bear with me- there’s a punch line coming here.. My dad made me laugh.. He said exactly what I needed to hear.. “Kendra, are the bolts in place?’  “Yes” “And the welds-did you check the welds?” “I did, they look fine” “Then quit looking at that thing-You’re fine, we’ll deal with it once you get home!”

So, I relaxed and continued on.. Rejoicing in my Dad’s wisdom…

But, I’ll admit that at every stop, I check to make sure all bolts are accounted for.. And at the Sequoia’s, would you believe another one was missing.. 60 miles from our hotel.. I knew what needed to happen and that I was carrying a spare nut, but didn’t have an adjustable wrench with me.. This time, I unloaded on my Heavenly Father, instead of calling my earthly one.. Because, after all, My dad WAS 2,500 miles away and what could he do- I’d diagnosed the problem already, I could handle this myself..

So I told God that He knew that if I were home that I could fix this one easily by myself. But I wasn’t. And so I was relying on Him to take care of us. I knew He would.

The road into town was really bumpy which made me really pray hard, because that extra motion on the 3 remaining stressed bolts was not a good deal.. We had different options for the motel, and I was amazed when we pulled off the interstate to see our motel was surrounded by car dealerships!  How random is that? A motel in car country?

So the next morning, bright and early, I took Coppertone-directly across the street- to Pep Boys, and stood there praising God as the little Hispanic man slip under my van and had my issue solved in less than 2 minutes..

And it seemed like I heard a voice say, “Kendra, I love taking care of you..”

So, I’m reveling in that reminder.. It is wonderful having my Dad take help me deal with whatever. I need that. It is such a blessing.. But what is even better is to have my Heavenly Father not only helping work through things, but He’s going ahead of me, working out the details before I even blunder upon it..

How about you? Is there something that isn’t how you wish it was? Give it to God.. Remember He “loves taking care of you!!”

See you down the trail, (Hopefully with a little more secure luggage department 🙂 ) Good night, Kendra


DSC_0735 DSC_0740

Yosemite National Park and the Phantom Bridal Veil Falls (CA must really be in a drought)

DSC_0749 DSC_0791

Golden Gate Bridge and an amazing Bull Elk

The Redwoods

Joseph B. Strauss

Here, sown by the Creator’s hand.
In serried ranks, the Redwoods stand:
No other clime is honored so,
No other lands their glory know.

The greatest of Earth’s living forms,
Tall conquerors that laugh at storms;
Their challenge still unanswered rings,
Through fifty centuries of kings.

This is their temple, vaulted high,
And here, we pause with reverent eye,
With silent tongue and awestruck soul;
For here we sense life’s proper goal:

To be like these, straight, true and fine,
to make our world like theirs, a shrine;
Sink down, Oh, traveler, on your knees,
God stands before you in these trees.

DSC_0820 DSC_0786

Notice the little tiny girls standing in the middle of the road.. Somehow standing beside 300 ft tall tree puts you in your place.. And yet- to realize that God is looking out for ME…

And one more brief story and then I’ll quit rambling.. This morn, as I went down for the standard complimentary breakfast- THERE on the breakfast bar, was actual factual coffee mugs.. And drinking from that luxurious mug made my morning.. Little things that you take for granted.. So sip from that ceramic mug today and think of your travelling friends who are back to disposable coffee cups…







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