Why I am not a Barber

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who were left to spend Sunday afternoon playing quietly while their mom was away at a funeral and their dairy farmer dad looked after them.

You know how Scripture says “on the seventh day God rested”? Well this dairy farmer dad was living by the Book and his rest/ little girl watching turned into snoring excessively while the little girls played quietly…

They hadn’t conquered the “Seventh Day God rested ” idea properly at this point- because the perfect activity for the afternoon seemed to be building a house in the kitchen- a sheet over the bar created the best walls and roof you could wish for- construction was a success. And for the most part was carried out quietly…

Now the older of the duo had the unfortunately ability to notice random things, and it came to her attention that her little sister’s hair was falling down over her ears- thus impeding sound.

“You can’t hear very good can you?”

“No, I can hear fine.”

“But how can you with all that hair over your ears?”

“No, really- I can hear fine..”

Older wisdom prevailed and next thing Julia knew, the house had been renovated into a barber shop with Kendra running the scissors. I did the best job I could, but apparently it was not that impressive- because Father woke up and nearly heart attacked and a sheepish trio met Mother at the door when she returned…

An emergency trip was made to Grandmother Rhodes’s who attempted to salvage the job, and Julia- whose hair had been thin- sported a cute pixie style hair cut, and remembers sitting outside the bedroom door smiling as the barber received her reward…. Hair cutting is not for me!


Hair cutting Vol II

Once upon a time there was a man who needed a haircut and with summer on its way, he asked the barber to trim it rather short.

Now this barber/client relationship was a little bit more negotiable than some and the barber wasn’t convinced that he wanted it quite that short…

So she fired up her brand new clippers for their maiden voyage and took them one swipe up the back of her client’s head… Only to discover that the guard was adjustable and somehow it was on the shortest setting and her husband was now sporting a reverse Mohawk…

Since Miracle Grow doesn’t do much for hair- My dad now has that really short haircut he had ordered… And my Mom is considering a mid-life crisis/career change… 🙂

But all is well on Paradise Lane.

“All things work together for good” can be taken out of context too often… but I love little examples of God’s faithfulness even when we’ve made a mess of things. Julia’s hair really grew after it’s trimming- even though the barber was properly reprimanded (so technically I should have hero status here)… And my dad’s summer hair cut is just in time for that 80 degrees they are forecasting… (But maybe he’s gonna need to wear a little sunscreen today) But all is good.

May you find that to be true in your life is well. God is Good.

Blessings on your week,



It’s amazing how one little slip can change the message when you’re texting…  Deborah had that happen before she left- so I share with her permission (this is what I remember- some details may be slightly changed)

Friend: Hi- I was wondering about getting one of your prayer cards?

Deb: Sure- just send me your address :$   (That $ was the mistake apparently the $ was beside ) on her keyboard causing a goofy smile..)

Friend: Yeh- and about the money- thanks for the reminder-  I do want to send you some..


I spotted this adorable dish garden at a Mental Health Care Facility that my one group was visiting… What better symbol of hope and triumph than the empty tomb?!? Hallelujah!


The last of these heartbreakers has left for his new home… I think my mom is silently glad her daughters no longer have that constant distraction 🙂


Is it just me? Or has this spring been more beautiful than usual? Maybe I say that every year…

One thought on “Why I am not a Barber

  1. Yes I remember! A.joyce explaining at family gathrng what happened to ju’s hair and when she was finished kendra adding “actually mother was glad…” 🙂 it always was such fun being with u. Love ur imagination and creativity

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