#30for30 Recap

So here I am-to the end of the 2 years I gave myself to complete my #30for30 project. And I’m not quite done. 🤔 but regardless, I press on towards the mark.

This project has been more fun and more involved than I thought possible. When I read back over my list-so many good memories! Click the links for the original post. Without further ado:

1. The Mini Garden Mania that began that day remains strong. My sisters have gotten into creating our own clay accessories and my love for these miniature scenes continues.

2. Our family trip to the Grand Canyon/ Colorado was quite memorable. Helping my mom cross this off her bucket list felt really good.

3. The Plunge from the snow capped mtn runoff into the Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs was quite noteworthy. I had no idea that I’d get the opportunity in March, ’16 and again in June ’17

4. Celebrating my cousin at the Silver Lake Bed and Breakfast was the perfect excuse to visit a local B&B. I think about it everything I go past. What a beautiful place.

5. I’m so glad we survived the Color Run. This project really stretched me. I wish I could say that I learned to love running and I feel great and have ran ever since. But that is not the case… moving on 🙈

6. And the Poultry Project did not eliminate the fear of poultry. The chickens moved on to new owners and the ones who did not succumb to a ferocious hawk are living happily.

7. Another highlight was the reason to ” Cross the Atlantic” with my dear friends Rachel and Jenny.

8. And we rode a Ferris Wheel aka the London Eye. I enjoyed the “top of the world” feeling even though I’m not a huge fan of heights. And Yay, I didn’t die!

9. Spelunking was a fail. We wandered up and down Round Hill in the poison ivy and pouring rain and never even found the mouth of the cave. I guess I can be thankful that we were outside the cave wandering instead of inside the cave wandering. But this one remains incomplete.

10. Making my own piece of Pottery was another learning experience. I wonder if I’d be more efficient since Em has taught me to sculpt things out of model clay. Somehow I doubt it, but a girl can dream right?

11. Swimming in the Ocean in the full moon was awesome. The air was warm and the water was warm and I felt like I could just swim the path of the moonlight And eventually arrive at the moon. But I resisted that urge. Otherwise this would be the end of this project.

12. The details for watching the Sight and Sound show Samson was another unexpected blessing. Friends randomly invited me along-unaware that it was on my list. Bless y’all ☺️

13. Running a Call with Emily was another experience I treasure. This is another type of running that I’m afraid I’m not cut out for 🙈

14. Writing a book got more exotic as the year went on. I love Farmer Stan and his antics, but the actual involvement with Widow Hazel‘s story was fascinating to watch come together. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the conversations that are transpiring because of this project.

15. And the Epic fail: Watching a Launch I must admit, I’ve been seeing different updates from Wallops Island,but somehow, I just don’t have the courage to pursue this one again…

16. Another fun cousin day was Basket Weaving. As I’m working through my list of experiences I’m seeing that somehow I’m involving a lot of the same people with my projects here… thanks for being such good sports! Luv y’all 😍

17. Duck hunting is another one that is only partway completed. Kerry and Em took me hunting one afternoon, and I got my VA license, and KJ got a Canadian Goose. But sometime I want the complete face paint, bird dog experience.

18. Ringing the Salvation Army Bell is something I’m really excited to do again this year! We also included a version of a 19. Random Act of Kindness by giving out certificates for soft pretzels. What a fun evening.

20. Visiting 3 oceans in 1 month at various spots on the globe was another challenge. Really everything about the trip to the water in Cambodia was surreal. Especially the hitchhiking part. But we made it to our destination and the list continues:)

21. I remember studying about the Southern Cross in 9th grade Earth Science. This Constellation is visible from the Southern Hemisphere. So when I learned that you could see it from Nicaragua, it became high on the list. Bless Deborah for researching it out for me. I will always remember stopping out in the middle of nowhere with such a fun group of friends and gazing at God’s handiwork.

22. Bussing thru Central America was another outstanding experience. We’d planned it for almost 2 years and I’d kinda given up hope that it would actually happen. In the end we almost waited too long, because our bodyguard got all distracted and is preparing to become a married man… So excited for you, Mervin! And after all the years we’ve traveled together-what a grand finale!

23. The Silo Singing was a special evening of worship. I’m so blessed by friends who’ve came alongside my list and helped make things-like this evening become reality. 💞

24. The main reason that this is the first time I’ve published my list is that I wanted to be able to change it. Exotic things like the Eclipse were not in the rough draft. What a neat experience! I’m crossing my fingers that I will be present for the 2024 Eclipse. But hopefully we will alter our travel plans a bit from what this itinerary was. Sitting in traffic for hours is a downside.

25. Travel by train. Maybe because this was the most recent adventure and it’s still fresh on my mind-but it was such an incredible experience! More details here

To be continued:

26. Piece a quilt- this project is well underway- stay tuned!

27. Jess’s Quick Lunch- can you believe I’ve never eaten a Jess’s hot dog? I need to grab lunch locally someday soon 🙂

28. Prison Ministry- Application is in for January’s Renew Hope Program with WeCare.

29. Knitting- Wilda has sweetly agreed to teach me to knit- winter project coming up 🙂

30. “Pick your own Sunflowers” Seeds are purchased and waiting for me to have the time to instigate this program. Somehow last summer I ran out of time- hopefully next year will be better!

And that’s all folks. Somebody asked what I’m going to do after this series of projests are completed. I don’t know- maybe I’ll get over my “projectivity” (Apparently Em hopes so- lol)

Or maybe some other idea will present itself. Time will tell. But either way-

May the adventures continue,


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