Christmas Joy?

The little fellow seated directly behind me managed to keep up a steady stream of chatter. We traveled through the night ahead of a snowstorm and occasionally I tuned into the circus behind me. We were on a 4 track rotation with Mr Levi. “Please sing ‘a million angels’.”he’d request of his mom. Next came a little jump rope poem about bubble gum and “get that bubble gum off my feet” which I thought was cute and innocent until he stopped mid sentence and announced “uh oh Mom-do you see my gum?! I lost my gum!” And the driver had visions of finding gum ground into the seat-but alas catastrophe was averted.

But my favorite was the discovery of Christmas. “Look Christmas!!! Wow! Oh my word! Christmas!! ” and then in the clearest sweetest voice-Levi would sing 🎶Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.🎶

Sometimes he’d get a little confused between a house with Christmas lights and regular pole lights, but it didn’t matter- “Christmas’s everywhere! So many Christmases” said the tiny voice.

The childish wonder and joy of the Christmas Spirit was not lost on me.

I haven’t discovered any too much of that this year. Emily had another surgery this week-we are so thankful this is behind us. She’s been such a sweet patient, but it’s really hard watching the pain flicker across her face as she struggles to get her knee moving again. *random side note: Last night a very joyful 🎶Away in a Manger🎶 brought me out of dreamland at a friendly 3:30 am. My darling mom was making Em some tea and getting her meds and singing. We all agreed that next time 🎶Silent Night🎶 is preferable.

Sunset during Em’s daily hour at Physical Therapy

As I’ve referenced before-my quest for good health continues. Way too many days find me on my mom’s La-Z-Boy. We are managing, but this is not ideal, and it’s discouraging.

I’ve had plenty of time to analyze my lack of Christmas zeal. Admittedly it took me way too long to put the connection between my discouragement and the true Christmas Spirit together. This is the exact reason Christ came! Jesus didn’t arrive in a musty stable to create a unique atmosphere for Christmas Cards for years to come. His arrival on earth was not just to establish a season of winter wonderland and delicious food and gingerbread houses covered in candy. He arrived in the lowliest fashion to bring help to the hurting and to bring hope for the discouraged!

I discovered Jude 2 on a flip calendar that should’ve been changed days ago, but I read it for several days before it sank in. This is my Christmas wish this year. “May God give you more and more mercy, peace, and love.”

As we sort through the reality of life this season, may we rejoice in these gifts from the Reason for the Season!

Merry Christmas,


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