Family Nativity; Take One

One of Emily’s friends is overseas for the holidays and her support team asked Em to come up with something for one of the 12 days of Christmas.
We kicked a number of ideas around, but eventually settled on an attempt at a nativity scene-babies and puppies included.

What a joke!

We barely were able to get my dad out of the combine seat in time for the pics, so Joseph is a little unsure about his role in all this.

Juls German Shepherd, Dora was frantic that her puppies were in inside the house without her and she kept jumping on the front door, so the German Shepherds were protesting loudly.

The American Shepherds had no idea what was going on, so the one sat in stunned silence while the redhead added his voice to the din-ready to tell the world what he was experiencing.

The angel flitted here and there and the wisewomen rushed back and forth bearing gifts and roadmaps.

The onlookers (aka photographer and videographer) tried to give helpful advice.

And thru it all Mary and Baby Jesus stayed calm and serene.

In the mayhem, I just shook my head.

But then it hit me. There are so many points in our little family skit that made this real to life.
Here we are- made up of drama and brokenness and uncertainty; distracted occasionally by the wolf at the door; but still earnestly seeking to capture that Perfect Peace.

What a reason to celebrate that precious gift ❤️ THE Prince of Peace

Merry Christmas,

Kendra for the entire family

Bonus Pics:

If you have 5 minutes and think I was exaggerating that this process was chaotic: watch The nativity video here

We had the most gorgeous snow recently including the chance to explore it in the mountains. Now this is the type of winter I could get excited about 🥰

And finally- my new favorite pic:

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