Covid the Cow Goes West Giveaway

I don’t know if you remember the Covid Cow who popped up randomly on our western adventures last year.

But he’s back-with his own twist on all the fun.

Petrified Forest

I put together a short children’s story including a lot of random facts about the places we visited. Example: the steam from Old Faithful is as hot as your mom’s oven (350° F).

My goal was to gift the book to the children of the family we traveled with as a fun little memory. So I only printed a few.

But I have one extra that I’d love to giveaway.

So if you’re somewhere in the US- comment something about one of your favorite children’s books (past or present) on this post and I’ll announce a winner March 7. (Sorry but international shipping isn’t an option)

Sequoia National Park

Covid the Cow and I wish you luck 😘


P.S Naming our mascot Covid was not a solid plan. I’ll never forget walking through a crowded national park and suddenly realizing how we sounded: “Hey do you have Covid?”

“Yep, sure do”


28 thoughts on “Covid the Cow Goes West Giveaway

  1. How fun!!Yes I remember covid the cow and your covid comments🤣🤣hmmm….not sure what my favorite was actually but 2 I fondly remember are Scuffy the Tugboat and Tootle the Train🚂

  2. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel was read to me by my grandma, and I’m tickled to have it on my shelves and enjoy reading it to my children. 😊

  3. The Saggy Baggy Elephant is favorite of mine these days. Who knew i was an Elephant allowing a Parrot to make me feel insecure?!

  4. I love reading the Little House books to my little ones. We also love our Farmer Stan book, so I’m sure we’d love hearing about Covids adventures 😍

  5. “A Hat for Ivan” by Max Lucado. Makes one realize that we are all here for God’s purpose, not man’s. Also love the 2 books you wrote. They make me chuckle.

  6. My favorite right now is “Something from Nothing”. I can’t remember just now who wrote it, but it’s a charming little book with a side story in the detailed pictures.

  7. My son Geoffrey has that John Deere booked that your dad gave to him many years ago when we visited your farm , all tucked away with his treasures from his younger days !!!

  8. James Harriet’s Treasury for Children has been loved for years at this house…so much so that my daughter rounded up another copy for her 4- & 2-yr-old cousins.

  9. I love the story Make Way for the Ducklings, especially since I used to be live in the same are of Boston where the story takes place and walked by the Boston Public Garden every morning on my way to school.

  10. Our children loved all the “Reuben” books by Merle Good. My favorite of those was “ Reuben and the Quilt”. Teaches an excellent spiritual lesson.

  11. The Frances books by Russell Hoban are favorites. I saw The Biggest Bear mentioned on here which is also a good one!

  12. Childrens books fall into a You-Can’t-Have-Just-One-Favorite category! I challenge you to read Sheep in a Jeep without laughing😂 I also really like All The Places to Love; it almost makes me cry everytime 😍

  13. I don’t have any that I would call a childhood favorite, but as a mom I enjoy reading books with exceptional artwork😉The Cornhusk Doll, The Biggest Bear, One Morning in Maine…

  14. What fun! Yes I remember Covid the cow and the “Hey do you have covid” LOL. I like good picture books (like the Farmer Stan books;) I just got the book “The Sorely Trying Day” by Russell and Lillian Hoban for my children. A fun book to read aloud. Marj

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