Tales from the Trail

The World looks like something God imagined for His own pleasure..” -Anne of Green Gables

Tonight my thoughts are running in all different directions, and unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s any rhythm or reason to them.. So therefore, dear reader, it’s impossible for me to come up with one beautiful theme and tie everything from the last few days into that.. So I guess we’ll break it down- one subject at a time:

Montana: Last time I posted, we weren’t really sure what to do with our trip, but after a lot of prayer and consulting with our support teams at home and realizing that there was no way we could pull of 40 hours of driving time unhindered without risking our own lives, we felt at peace to continue on with our schedule.. I hate it that I couldn’t get these ladies home to grieve with their church community, but I flat couldn’t.. Bless them for being understanding.. So we headed out. Montana once again “wowed” me.. The road ran beside the most unique aqua colored river, twisting as it went.. On different occasions, Bald Eagles would circle overhead.. The bright red Sun slipped silently-like a big red ball- behind the mountains, leaving the world in a hushed silence.. It was beautiful! Apparently there are a number of forest fires in the Northwest States as well as Canada, and that threw a haze over the mountains hindering visibility a little.. But we still sang “Meet me in Montana.. I wanna see the mountains in your eyes..” God imagined something amazing when he created Montana..


Glacier was beautiful, the haze still was a problem, but it was ok.. All along, we have enjoyed a the splash of color along the trail from the wildflowers. It was fun to take a little bit of time to watch the girls put a handful of bouquets together..

Wyoming: I’m honestly not sure which place I’m the most enamored with as these two states run neck and neck- in my rating.. We spent yesterday in Yellowstone, being thrilled by another unique National Park.. The variety of color in the hot springs..

DSC_1045 DSC_1035

..The fact that Old Faithful erupted the very minute they said she would, seeing our first wild buffalo (and eating Bison Chili for lunch) Standing in awe at the base of the Tetons, and watching them point majestically into the heavens.. Fearlessly towering over the land..

DSC_0034 DSC_0038

And shopping in Jackson, and the grand finale to our day was  Bar J Chuckwagon… (This is a cowboy supper that is a MUST if you’re in the area)


We’ve been filling a few hours as we travel with book on CD.. “Hank the Cowdog” has given us a few new phrases “I reached for the microphone in my mind and announced..”  “Where the Red Fern Grows” made us cry.. Currently we are enjoying the roller coaster ride with drama queen  “Anne of Green Gables”..  One minute she’s on top of the world, with her “scope of imagination” , and the next- her “life is a graveyard of buried hopes”.. We laugh, I love her enthusiasm..

Tidbits: We’ve had a few girls faithfully checking license plates, keeping track of which state they are from.. AND- we finally have seen all 50 states.. Any guesses which the last two were? No- we saw Alaska in Colorado, and Hawaii as we were heading into San Diego.. Delaware and Rhode Island..

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect barn.. I tried multiple times, but each barn had something wrong with it.. “too close to that house” “not the right type of weatherboarding”


Finally, we found a barn that we all agree is about as close to perfect as we’ve found.. Fun things to pass the time..


And turkeys.. Where I come from- wild turkeys are a rare sight.. This family was right outside my window, the other morning..


We have seen so much unique variety in Creation.. Everyday, we go from opposites, green lush field, to dry sage and desolation.. Each stop comes up with something different.. We’ve packed 21 days full of various adventures.. It’s hard to imagine exactly how there continues to be exciting things unlike anything we’ve seen- everyday.. And that blesses me. God spoke and the world “became”. I realize that over the course of time- the landscape has changed. But just like that-He created this fantastic place we are exploring.. I like Anne’s comments.. “God imagined for His own pleasure..”

And  another song from my childhood.. “He’s still working on me.. To make me what I ought to be.. It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars, how loving and patient He must be-cause He’s still working on me..”

See you down the trail. Good night, Kendra



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