No Man Is An Island

And it’s all over… In about 30 hours after we first  discovered we were losing our silo, we have a little pile of concrete to bury and a 50×150 pile of silage. But that did not happen by itself. 100s of man hours. Machinery rolled in. Torches were lit. People saw what needed to be done and slaved away. Food poured in. Everyone worked together.

image image

We look at the empty spot at our barn and our hearts are full. It’s hard to imagine how generous people were with their time, talents, machinery, food.. We are so blessed. We could’ve never ever done it alone. Thank you!

DSCF6070 DSCF6078

DSCF6037 DSCF6038

The ingenious decision of the day was when someone brought a soil screener and set it up beside the pile… Sifting out countless chunks of concrete.


The four-wheeler became the on site ice cream truck.. Our 85 yr old neighbor man brought ice cream and pop and distributed it among the workers.. 🙂 People helped out where-ever they could.

Above all, we feel like God has moved for us in so many ways- sparing our barns, working out glitches in our herd caused by this excitement, and helping our Farm Manager to return.. (Detroit went MIA Friday morning.. Silly dog- perfect time for a vacation.. Somehow he returned this morn- and we are thankful..)


So we look forward to the week ahead of us, rejoicing in the goodness of God, thanking Him for protection, and for surrounding us with an incredible community that doesn’t think twice to help out when the chips-or silage- is down..

Blessings, Kendra

2 thoughts on “No Man Is An Island

  1. That is so great to have lots of friends who take time to help clean up the mess! I was telling Marvin about the silo falling and he couldn’t believe it. He said,”I helped build that silo.” Only 22 years ago. I told him if he wants to see it going down, look on Deborah’s facebook page or your blog.
    We were looking at your pictures again and marveling that nothing else was affected. The Lord was surely with you all.

    • That is right-Marvin slaved away down here.. Em’s video on Facebook is public status.. I’m prejudice, but I think the video is fairly incredible.. Someone thought God’s hand was guiding the silo to the ground.. Kinda neat to imagine..:) I am excited

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